International Feature Dox

Super Natural

2022 — 85' / Color



SUPER NATURAL is a film that talks and listens, that interferes and seeks out those who are beholding it. Its desire is to abandon the screen, to take a look at those who look at it, and listen to them, but also to be smelled and seen beyond what is being seen.
SUPER NATURAL is a transcendent experience occurring outside of the body, of all bodies, but particularly of one’s own. It is like a super-power and, in this movement, it focuses on the image, a sensitive existence one intends to speak with. That is why this !lm aspires, in a speculative gesture, to activate an effect, a hypothetical relaxation, a sensory experience for those who are off the screen as if they were on it.

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Director Biography

Jorge Jácome born in 1988 in Portugal. Since studying film, he has made a number of short films since 2013 that have been shown and awarded prizes at international festivals and exhibitions. Past Perfect screened at the Berlinale in 2019. Super Natural is his first feature-length work as a director.

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Jorge Jácome


Daniela Ribeiro

Pablo Iraola

Pandora da Cunha Telles


Marta Simões


Jorge Jácome


Antonion Porém Pires

Shugo Tekina

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