Paper Journey

Jornada de Papel

2022 — 8' / Color



On this journey, you can meet Monty. A very dark, fussy creature, but also adorable, that sails through a small river for the first time.

Director Biography

Emanuel de Oliveira, 1996, born in Vila Nova de Famalicão. At the age of 9 created his first animation films. Even though interested in animation, he graduated with a BA in Audiovisual and Cinema in ESAP and a Master in Audiovisual Production and Directing in ESMAD. Maria Ana Marques born in 1993 in Famalicão. Degree in Cinema and Audiovisual at ESAP in 2015. Postgraduate in Film Directing at RESTART at 2018. Worked at Content Creator at OFFSET esports (2018-2019).

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Emanuel de de Oliveira

Maria Ana Marques