Rabih Beaini x Agona Shporta vs D’EST

July 22, 2019

DokuFest is happy to announce a collaboration with Berlin’s Kino Wolf, bringing to Kosovo a film-music-performance based on Chantal Akerman’s D’Est, a film that defies any categorization. Lebanese electronic musician Rabih Beaini will investigate his specific approach to the film and work on a musical-performative concept along with our own Agona Shporta, for this very special live experience on August 08 at the Castle. The event is co-curated with Luca Borkowsky, artistic co-director of Howling Wolf: Festival for Film-Music-Performance, currently running till the end of July at Wolf Kino in Berlin.


RABIH BEAINI aka Morphosis is a lone voice in electronic music. Few people thread as challenging and intriguing live shows as him, where dark wave, krautrock, post everything and techno all sit together in haunted hardware harmony. His own Morphine label is just as sonically unpredictable, so too his own cultured remixes or stunning long players such as the immediately timeless and standout ouvre that was ‘What We Have Learned’. Unfamiliar and unmissable, Beaini’s productions sound as live and alive as anything he does in the club, truly making him in a class of one.

Between the Balkans, India & Jazz, AGONA SHPORTA’s music blends a rich and diverse mixture of sounds and cultures through an original voice and interpretation.


The pictures of the film resist any simple comparison. There are no comments, no text panels, no talking heads, nor are the pictures based on the tradition of direct cinema or similar trends. D’Est is about streets, crowds, individuals, turmoil and silence … To describe the film as an experience perhaps comes closest to its essence. A moving monument that burns itself into one’s memory and does not let go, so you always want to come back to it. D’Est is a film that at the same time extremely condenses and expands space and time. It is a unique film that defies categorization.

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July 22, 2019

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