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Lumbardhi Indoor

The little bird has plenty of peace and quiet high up in its tree, at least until an unexpected guest shows up. The brash caterpillar’s keen on devouring the green leaves that the little bird has cared for so tenderly. During the ensuing showdown, the two fail to notice that someone else is hard on their heels, and this character’s craving a more savoury snack. Lena von Döhren’s chirping hero graces Generation screens for the third time.

The Little Bird and the Caterpillar

Oil, gold and fire are the treasures inside the proud giant mountains. For the little mountain it's impossible to keep up with that. He's just in possession of this tiny, strange and useless SOME THING.

Some Thing

A children‘s film about the fun and cruelty among children. Two cartoon characters develop a life of their own, in the combination of pixilation and classic animation. They humiliate and mock the third unfinished figure; but their temporary superiority shifts, as he turns out to be their big brother.

The Big Brother

The Kite deals with the issue of death, but it does so in a simple metaphorical and symbolic way on the relationship between the little boy and his grandpa. It explains that none of us are here forever and that all living creatures must die, but also to show that death doesn’t mean the end of our journey.

The Kite

Its autumn. At the end of a branch hangs a yellow leaf. A little black bird comes along to water it. Suddenly a squirrel nicks the birds bright green watering can. The bird follows the cheeky thief. This is the start of an exciting chase through the forest. But behind the trees the fiery red fox is already waiting for his chance.

The little Bird and the Squirrel

Jake spends most of his time playing videogames indoors until his mum decides to give him a present.

The Present

On a tabletop mountain a mahout and his strange herd make a surprising and never-ending journey.

The Smortlybacks

A little bird leaves its nest in pursuit of a leaf — but when a famished fox follows, the bird learns that sometimes you need to think on the fly!

The Little Bird And The Leaf

In a search for a place to settle down, the three friends Blue, Yellow and Green find their friendship being ruined by greed and headless competition. Only when Blue and Yellow have destroyed all surrounding natural resources they discover that Green has found the true values in life on a mountaintop, in modest harmony with nature and surrounded by family and love.

Three Fools
Lumbardhi Indoor

Walled Unwalled is a single channel 20 minute performance-video installation. The performance comprises of an interlinking series of narratives derived from legal cases that revolved around evidence that was heard or experienced through walls. It consists of a series of performances reenactments and a monologue staged inside a trio of sound effects studios in the Funkhaus, East Berlin.

Walled Unwalled

Gulyabani is an entity, a ghoul, an outsider. She’s the restless spirit of a desolate and lonely place. Fethiye Sessiz, a notorious clairvoyant from Izmir in 1970s and 1980s, remembers fractions of her survival from abuse, kidnappings and violence. Recounting the events of her childhood through her diary and letters to her estranged son, Gulyabani recollects the emotional landscape in the most violent period of post-Republic Turkey, where the memory of the future and fragments of the past come together at once.


One night seven years ago, Rafael came home after work and discovered that people he did not know had come looking for him. He immediately fled, without looking back. From that moment on, his life changed, as if that night had never ended. One evening, around an improvised fire near a factory, he decides to confide his journey to a stranger who had a similar experience, also marked by violence, addictions and misery. Rafael’s intimate account meets the collective testimony of an entire nation oppressed by poverty, police repression and institutional corruption.

Seven Years in May
Shtëpia e Kulturës

A Kurdish woman is sentenced to house arrest with an electronic ankle bracelet. The charge: supporting terrorist activities. Now an invisible border runs through her garden in a Turkish village, which she repeatedly crosses. Her older son is torn between obedience and rebellion. How far will he go to protect her?

Are you listening mother?

Ayman, Syrian refugee in Lebanon, teaching his wife how to drive his car, the only thing left for him from his country. The lesson takes a wrong turn into madness and nostalgia.


A young labourer backs into a parked car. Two international students watch a group of kids make a small bomb. And a man attempts to dump a load of rubbish on the side of the road. Three Stories Inside A Rental Van presents three vignettes, each set inside the same rental van, and each exploring the morality of the different characters who hire it.

Three Stories Inside a Rental Van

At the Riviera, a private apartment building, it’s nap time. The heat is dreadful, but Mr Osganzi and Ms Carmen, true to their habits, are sunbathing near the swimming pool. In his shadowy living room, Monsieur Henriet tries to entertain himself by looking at his neighbours, and at any sign of life on the outside. Apparently, everything is quiet…


For all his life, Kalervo has been bad at standing up for himself, until Annukka — a woman who loves him — gives Kalervo a gift that changes everything. As many of Nikki's previous works, All Inclusive may be interpreted in many ways, but ultimately it is about power, love and change. If you could change the little grievances of your life, how far would you be willing to go?

All Inclusive
Kino Klub

BIGGER THAN LIFE is a music film in four acts. The focus is on the fabrication of national history through architecture and urban planning. »Skopje 2014« is the name of the monumental construction plan of the Macedonian government, which wants to stage its capital as the cradle of ancient high civilization and as the origin of Europe.

Bigger Than Life

Following the band Electric Orgasm on their overseas tour of the spring of 2018, we paint a portrait of one of the most popular and longest-ranging rock bands on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, revealing interesting and lesser-known details that made them their 39 year long career, all directly from the memories of the band members themselves.

Electric Orgasm for future generation
Kino Klub

From 1971 to 1981, Alvan Meyerowitz photographed the best of what Bill Graham brought to San Francisco. Armed with 36 exposures and backstage access, Alvan documented the most influential bands and musicians of his time: The Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan to name a few.

The Lens of the Revolution

As society's belief systems are seemingly changing, or even reverting in time, one Ohio artist is challenging his community by saying, "bring me your mistakes". Inspired by recent events, Billy Joe White and his Red Rose Tattoo Studio are promoting one simple concept…ERASE THE HATE. Beneath the Ink is a timely look at hate and racism in the western foothills of this Appalachian region that reveals heartfelt stories of change and redemption.

Beneath The Ink

After serving time in a New Hampshire jail, a freed inmate faces the pull of addiction.

The Pull

In Minnesota, a small discount movie theater’s doors are shuttered, as its passionate owner, dedicated employees, and a group of movie-goers watch their community fade into memory. Change is evident in the light projected through celluloid, in the buzzes and clatters of the projection booth, and in a farewell screening of the Evil Dead trilogy on 35mm. The owner turns on the house lights for the last time, as a neighboring megachurch takes over the business to bring the theater into a new era of digital projection.

The Last Reel
GjirafaVideo VR Cinema

Featuring Cirque du Soleil’s world famous “O” at Bellagio, Dreams of “O” captures a surreal and amphibious tableau of whimsical characters unlike any other. For this collaboration between Samsung Gear VR, Félix & Paul Studios and Cirque du Soleil, a high- speed under-water VR camera was built from scratch by the film studio, to be able to capture the complex and intricate water choreographies featured in this experience -it’s the first camera of its kind within the virtual reality medium. Brace yourself for an ethereal and fantastical visual journey that takes you up in the air with daring dives, and under water for stunning aquatic sequences.

Dreams of 'O'

A mysterious tree watches over a forest while humans traverse its paths, planning construction zones and searching for a lost person. As civilization slowly unravels, quiet new dynamics emerge. Floodplain is set against a man-made environmental crisis and explores our relationships to each other at the end of nature. If we can no longer be what we were, can we really become something new? Can we be a forest, or a stone; can we be a multitude of organisms; can we be nothing? Can we be something that we don’t know we can be yet?


A person wants to tell a story about someone being trapped inside a shoebox. And the very next moment he becomes a protagonist in his never-told story. Even worse, he is threatened by his average self who comes to claim his life. With Heroes of Night and Tragic, Croatian experimental theater group Ateatar proves you don’t need a 360 camera to shoot a 360 video, and paves the way for unlimited VR creativity.

Heroes Of Night and Tragic

Kinoscope is a VR experience immersing the spectator into a lively and colorful universe to discover the history of cinema lead by the voice of the Hollywood legend Dean Tavoularis, motion picture production designer whose work appeared in numerous box office hits such as The Godfather films, Apocalypse Now, The Brink’s Job, One from the Heart and Bonnie and Clyde.


Overview is a 30 minutes narrative experience on the objects of the cosmos, from the planets in our Solar System to the galaxies beyond the Milky Way. Created by Orbital Views and film director Paul Mezier with a team of scientists using data from NASA and the European Space Agency, Overview is an accurate and poetic adventure for all ages. How big is our galaxy? How far are we from the Sun? What does it feel like to be inside a nebula? You can now find, from your own perception, the answers to these questions. Much more than a documentary, Overview is an immersive real-time simulation tested with astronauts. It is the journey to the stars we have all dreamed of.

Lumbardhi Indoor

Alexis has a life-threatening disease. She spends her time in the wooded expanse of northern Scotland where she takes care of dozens of others who are also sick, wounded or dying. Some have terminal cancer, some were about to be killed because of their disabilities, some were saved from slaughterhouses. Alexis provides palliative care for animals. Crannog follows Alexis as she tirelessly tries to nurse a neglected sheep back to health. A quiet reflection on kindness in the face of death, the film intimately explores the fragility and strength that comes from dedicating your life to the care of others.


Wild Berries is the sensorial journey of a solitary boy immersed into his own world, wandering through meadows and forests, heading further towards the unknown at every step. Left alone in the desolate rural landscape of Romania, he plays hide and seek among gigantic sunflowers, converses with the cuckoo, spies on pigs, races with the wind, and roams the endless fields. Observant and patient at times, bored and restless at others, he waits and searches for something that seems to remain out of his reach. He looks back at us as we follow him into his slowly disintegrating world, driven by a desire towards something in ourselves that perhaps never existed.

Wild Berries

Astronauts in the desert of Oman. Or is it Mars? Bedouines, spaceships, desertships, two young girls passionate about space and a lost director reflecting about decisions and fears in this big Universe, and the relation between exploration, nomadism, colonialism and freedom.

Mars, Oman

Many cities or countries have a distinct malaise. They are places that could be Portugal, so sunk in a painful longing of the past, and where each tension of the present is only the tip of an iceberg that is explained in successive retreats that can go straight until origin of the species, at least. This feeling common to many latitudes is often presented as a diagnosis, a denial of a painful present as opposed to the desire to return to a glorious past.

Past Perfect
Shtëpia e Kulturës

In his barbershop, Bashkim tinkers with hair and hearts. He shares his philosophy of life with his customers, whom he treats like guests and reveals his next project: shooting a film. As director and protagonist he is transfigured from being a marginal figure to having the key role in an aesthetic exploration of the big concepts in life.

Bashkimi United

The film deals with Rron, a young Albanian boy from Kosovo who faces his expectations of going illegally to Germany.


An old lady is being closely watched by a young man, who actually acts like caring for her. Later on, he meets an ordinary thief and asks him to break in the old lady’s apartment. He manages to convince the thief to do the theft even though the latter expressed his unwillingness. After a week, the thief manages to do the evil act. Soon after that, the old lady gets ill. The thief finds himself in a situation of making a life-changing DECISION.


A journey over time. Depicting different states of mind. Making visible, the invisible. Giving voice to the voiceless. A journey through the mind.

Through the Mind

During one of the last days of the winter two young Kosovar actors find some left over construction material next to the road. While dreaming about leaving the country without the visa hassle they decide to take the shattered parts with them. At an abandoned building they start constructing the different parts building their own one-man rocket - while stories from the past are brought up. Both boys decide that the rocket needs to be launched from the top of the highest mountains in Kosovo, the mythical Accursed mountains. After a dreadful hike to the top of the Accursed mountains, one of the boys will be launched into a new future

Toni and Bleri
Kino Klub

1984 – The home computer arrives in our living rooms and overruns a whole generation. Only those who master the new technology have a future. The computer splits society into “Digital Natives” and “Digital Immigrants”. 2016 – A group of senior citizens is trying to adapt to the speed of computerization in order to find their place in the digital age. Their problem is ours: How long can we keep up with the rapid development?

Digital Immigrants

Operation Jane Walk is based on the dystopian multiplayer shooter Tom Clancy’s: The Division. The game’s digital war zone is appropriated with the help of an artistic operation: Within the rules of the game’s software, the militaristic environment is being re-used for a pacifistic city tour. The urban strollers avoid the combats whenever possible and become peaceful tourists of a digital world, which is a detailed replica of Midtown Manhattan. While walking through the post-apocalyptic city, issues such as architecture history, urbanism and the game developer’s interventions into the urban fabric are being discussed.

Operation Jane Walk

'Story' is a reflection about modern man in the age of omnipresent technology. Looking through stories - a popular function in many social media platforms - we see people who are lonely, lost or already indifferent about reality surrounding them. Action takes place during one day and it's told by short, often (auto)ironic scenes, where virtual world sinks to reality


A journey between hope and dystopia in a hallucinated Kinshasa, Zombies goes from the culture of the hair salon to a futuristic clubbing, from the urban parade to the glory of a dictator in campaign to a modern western. And interrogates the almost carnal relationship we have with our phones, outgrowths of the hand giving us the talent of digital ubiquity...


Online players describe their struggles with "swatting", a life-threatening cyber-harassment phenomenon that looms over them whenever they play. The events take shape through youtube videos and wireframe images from a video game.

Kino n'Lum

The fear of seeing the reality when they look is keeping everyone far away from the harsh truth of their programmed life. They didn't have a say in the reality they live in but they chose to close their eyes.


Small body, great stories, huge heart. Join us, as we unveil the charismatic persona of Mr.Afrim. An Arnold Schwarzenegger admirer, football lover and passionate actor.

The Happy Man

“My Friends” is a short narration about the life of a teenager, a bullying victim in Kosova. He juxtaposes his classmates to other friends he has met in social networks.

My Friends

Blinera, a 17 years old girl tells about her everyday vicissitudes of posting into Instagram. The network is nothing but magic for her, it is already becoming defiant.

Blinera in the Web

“The longest summer” is a short documentary about the daily routine of two teenagers on summer vacation, after they finished high school.

The Longest Summer

Four women, one story. Told throughout Kosovo. The burden of being a girl, in families without boys. Full of anxiety, prejudice and courage. Pa vlla! A film overcoming gender stereotype!

Pa vlla

Between fire and water, a father and son maintain an old tradition of working the iron. Being one of the last blacksmiths in BiH and Europe still preserving this craft, they remember their past while reflecting about the present.

Between Fire and Water

Ondak is an observational portrait of some of the segments of the life and the inhabitants of Lukomir, a small village which is the highest inhabited settlement in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the only one above 1,300m.

And then...

Potonji il' prvi builds upon the passage of time in one building and one monument in Bosnia and Herzegovina, both connected with revolution and the struggle against fascism.

Potonji il' prvi

Don’t blink is an essay surveying the stone ornaments guarding the Austro-Hungarian architecture of Sarajevo - and the people of the city beneath. Both constantly revisited and taken for granted, the characters adorning the buildings witness the city's history in making - in its entirety - unblinking.

Don't Blink

Two friends are remembering their childhood. Walking through the places where they spent most of their time as children, they guide us through characters and stories they designed while they were little, opening for all of us the magical doors to the world of imagination.

Everything is still here, but it’s not the same as it used to be

Wild night and the day after in a life of an extraordinary drag queen.

Yaaas Queen!

Documentary Your other name is a unique letter to reality, art, love and time. The author takes us through the landscapes that represent only the outline of the thoughts about the flow of time, showing us that life is a struggle in which we always strive to catch "the moment“.

Your other name
DokuKino Plato

"Les Rouflaquettes" is a film about the re-staging of trauma, about the journey of personal and historical memories in post dictatorial societies and the fragile balance between fiction and truth we attribute to the notion of reality.

Les Rouflaquettes

This film reflects the condition of gay men in Kosovo. It is an experimental documentary that allows you to travel through the journey of gay men who have to hide and embrace their sexuality in secrecy while facing a strong mentality and a traditional way of thinking that erases their right to express themselves.

Be a Man

A short film with the stories of the survivors of the infamous “Camp of Tepelena” during the dictatorship in Albania. Narrated by the few people still alive.

Virtual Museum, Tepelena Camp

During the transition years of Kosovo, Bujar decides to follow his dreams to become an actor. After a couple of years, his small world back home experiences heavy rain and darkness with a single hope, to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Solar Cinema

An animated short film for children about friendship. One can‘t force a friendship, but an emergency can build a friendship.

Cats and Dogs

In a search for a place to settle down, the three friends Blue, Yellow and Green find their friendship being ruined by greed and headless competition. Only when Blue and Yellow have destroyed all surrounding natural resources they discover that Green has found the true values in life on a mountaintop, in modest harmony with nature and surrounded by family and love.

Three Fools

A long time ago humans left the planet Earth. Alone remained Lobo. Lobo, is a cheerful robot who loves animals and plants. Lobos biggest dream is to live in a flourishing forest with his best friend Banjo, who is a curious robot dog. Together, they help to plant trees and rescue animals in need. One day they meet a stranded whale on the beach. To save the whale Lobo has to overcome his fear of water, but it’s not easy especially when a single drop of water can make him rust.

Robot and the Whale

A presumably African village, inhabited by Germans. The film Burkina Brandenburg Komplex describes a geographical construction that makes use of ‘our’ medial and collective image of Africa and puts it to the test through inaccuracies. An archaeological find is made in a mine: a Ferrari. We tag along with Joachim on his everyday rounds. He has his heart set on realising a common energy project. The Museum of Prussian Cultural Heritage is run by a black woman. She presents artefacts from Western consumer culture with a special emphasis on German products. Joachim is involved in the ritualistic production of energy in the village, but gets excluded when the ceremony is nearing its finale, finally catapulting himself out of the ‘story/history’.


Filmed during the battle of Kobani, this film reveals the women at the heart of the fight against IS. With stoical perseverance and the aid of American airstrikes, these women are leading the fight for freedom.

DokuKino Plato

A Swedish couple is on a wellness trip in the Austrian mountains, but after an argument, Aron's girlfriend leaves, and slams the door behind her. Now, Aron is looking for his girlfriend but can't find her anywhere. He dives into the bizarre world of the alpine wellness resort and drifts along until the question arises if Aron is looking for his girlfriend or really himself.

Excuse Me, I'm Looking for the Ping-pong Room and My Girlfriend

A couple visits the property of their origins where the houses of the relatives living abroad are now standing. These relatives visit once a year for five days. They are the only visitors of these houses during the year.


Anteu is born in a village where he’s the only child around. His mother ends up dying after a while and the father soon follows suit. One by one the people from the village start to disappear and Anteu, now a 17 years old boy carries on with his solitary life. One night, a dream awakes him: who would bury him?


Captured with a mobile phone, we see a group of three friends gathering at a ski lodge. Daniel is about to propose to his girlfriend and his friend films the whole thing to remember the best day of their lives.

Guy Proposes to His Girlfriend on a Mountain