02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

Tips from the inside: Tuesday (Day 5)

August 7th, 2018

As with every year, DokuFest’s wide ranging programme can at times lead to over stimulation at first sight. In order for visitors to stay on top of things and make the selection process easier, we have asked some of the team behind DokuFest to highlight some of their personal recommendations.

Check back throughout the festival for a brief overview of the must-see and must-attend events taking place all over the delightful city of Prizren. But please remember, this is not to exclude other events. Every single screening, exhibition, discussion, concert, masterclass, dj set and workshop is definitely worth a visit. Choose what you want, be as you are!

At it’s half way point, DokuFest still has a lot left to offer. For today, artistic director Veton Nurkollari’s tip is the documentary “Sleep Has her House” screened at Lumbardhi Indoor at 12:00. The film is one of a kind; shot on an iPhone in long static takes, and incorporating still photography and hand-drawn images, it comes together create a unique, hypnotic experience.

Veton also recommends staying at Lumbardhi for the human rights documentary “Of fathers and sons” starting at 14:00. Award-winning director Tala Derki followed the daily life of two children whose father raised them to become Jihadi fighters, and his film captures the moment they have to let go of their childhood innocence.

In the afternoon, DokuFest’s panel discussions will continue fulfilling this year’s theme of reflection. At 17:00 in the premises of Prizren’s Hamam you can join the discussion on dealing with the Balkans’ ’90s past from an alternative angle. The panelists will analyse how state regimes used individual memories to turn them into state narratives, a discussion executive director Eroll Bilibani recommends being involved in.

For the evenings screenings, Eroll insists that DokuFest attendees are spoilt for choice, with all of the 20:00 showings being exceptional films. However, he particularly highlights the “Future is Here” selection of shorts at Kino N’Lum, a showcase of young Kosovar directors that have worked with the festival to produce their debuts.

For those looking for some time outside the cinema, Festival director Nita Deda recommends a trip to Kino Kalaja at 20:00 to witness Female Rhapsody, a musical performance combining a traditional Def, a type of frame drum, and distinctive throat singing that has been described as a celebration of Kosovar women’s strength and creativity.


Feature image: Tughan Anit / DokuFest.