02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

Tips from the inside: Sunday (Day 3)

August 5th, 2018

As with every year, DokuFest’s wide ranging programme can at times lead to over stimulation at first sight. In order for visitors to stay on top of things and make the selection process easier, we have asked some of the team behind DokuFest to highlight some of their personal recommendations.

Check back throughout the festival for a brief overview of the must-see and must-attend events taking place all over the delightful city of Prizren. But please remember, this is not to exclude other events. Every single screening, exhibition, discussion, concert, masterclass, dj set and workshop is definitely worth a visit. Choose what you want, be as you are!

Today (Sunday, Aug. 5) at 14:00 at Lumbardhi Indoor, Executive Director of the festival Eroll Bilibani recommends discovering the remarkable work done by two war-correspondents, Marie Colvin and Paul Conroy who cover the situation of trapped civilians in Homs in Syria. Based on Conroy’s book the likewise named film “Under the Wire” directed by Chris Martin depicts the cruel reality of war while illuminating the triumph of human spirit over enormous adversity.

For the evening, Bilibani suggests taking the motif of reflection to the extreme, by watching the film “Exit,” also screened at Lumbardhi’s Indoor cinema at 18:00. “Exit” gives insight to the subjective reality of extremists, be it right-wing, left-wing or as part of the Islamic State. Director Karen Winther accompanies different characters on their path out of such groups and introduces us to her ‘wake-up call’ as she reflects on her own extremist past.

Executive director Eroll Bilibani and festival director Nita Deda recommend a healthy diet of hard hitting documentaries and experimental electronic music for Sunday. Photo: Tughan Anit / DokuFest.

To discover the nation-building process in Taiwan, which this year’s festival has a special focus on, Artistic Director Veton Nukurolli recommends watching “A time to live, a time to die” a 1986 Taiwanese film directed by famous director, screenwriter and producer HOU Hsiao-hsien, who is a leading figure in world cinema. The film shows a childhood on the move, and a young rebelious boy at odds with his traditional family. It screens at Shtëpia e Kulturës at 18:00.

Another of the themes of the festival is exploring the lived realities of Yugoslavs in the ‘90s, ones that don’t always fit with the typical political narratives. Bilibani finds these realities coming back to life in “Kurrizi,” a short film exploring a neighborhood of Prishtina that airs as part of the National competition’s selection of shorts screened at DokuKino Plato at 20:00.

Also performing at 20:00 is Frank Bretschneider, whose musical and visual art performance will unfold at Kino Kalaja. His “EXP” performance is an experimental work which assimilates music characteristics within the realm of visual phenomena, and is heartily recommended by Festival Director, Nita Deda.

Feature image: Edona Kryeziu