02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

:Ryuichi Sakamoto: async Live at the Park Avenue Armory

Schedule: 06 August, 22:00, Kino Kalaja | 10 August, 14:00, Shtëpia e Kulturës

:Ryuichi Sakamoto: async Live at the Park Avenue Armory

USA/Japan, 2018, 65 min

RYUICHI SAKAMOTO: async AT THE PARK AVENUE ARMORY is a live performance film captured during an intimate concert by Ryuichi Sakamoto in New York City. Filmed during the production of Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda, a recent documentary about the same artist’s life journeys and creative process, the performance marked the first public unveiling of Sakamoto’s new opus async, hailed as one of the best albums of 2017 by esteemed publications such as Rolling Stone and Pitchfork.

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Stephen grew up in Tokyo and studied film at NYU. After serving as an assistant director to documentarian Kazuo Hara (Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On), he worked as a producer’s rep for Japanese films such as Shinji Aoyama’s Eureka and Naomi Kawase’s Firefly, and oversaw international
co-productions such as H-Story by Nobuhiro Suwa. He was one of the producers for Sofia Coppola’s Oscar winning Lost in Translation, and was responsible for all Japanese aspects of the production.
Berlinale 2018. Far East FF 2018.
13 rue Portefoin
75003 Paris, France
+ 33 1 42 77 56 87
06 August, 22:00, Kino Kalaja 10 August, 14:00, Shtëpia e Kulturës
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Stephen Nomura Schible
Eric Nyari, Yoshiko Hashimoto, Stephen Nomura Schible
Tom Richmond, Neo S. Sora
Hisayo Kushida
Tom Paul, Alec Fellman

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