Screening Schedule: 08/09, 22:00, DokuKino Pllato

:Treni / Train

Kosova, 2016, 15 min

Set during the Kosovo war, Train follows the story of Jeton a young man who finds himself forced onto an overfill train carriage with a group of fellow refugees. Jeton and his fellow passengers are draw together through the fear of death that they have witnessed all around them. Suddenly when the train stops, Linda a young mother asks for the front door to be open as the heat and lack of air is suffocating her baby. This request leads to a confrontation that forces all the terrified passengers to decide whether to risk death through opening the door and saving the baby or leaving it shut and saving themselves.

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Selmon Beha was raised in a remote mining community in far north Australia where the only way in or out was by aircraft. Surrounded by wilderness and Aboriginal culture his home town of Nhulunbuy was a community without commercial television, radio and a complete absence of advertising, where time was filled fishing, camping, exploring the bush and avoiding crocodiles.
Jeton Rushiti
+386 49 225868
08/09, 22:00, DokuKino Pllato
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Selmon Beha
Jeton Rushiti
Petrit Domi
Selmon Beha, Genc Vokshi
Gezim Berisha

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