Retrovizorja with Elina Duni / DokuNights 2014

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Their name means ‘rearview mirror’, and as such is a close friend with reflection. One listen and you will see how well this band’s name explains their existence. Their music is a tool for finding yourself and for hearing what dreams sound like, and we have all met a new part of ourselves through the magic that is their music. Starting with the ear, every sense is picked up along the way to erupt with an indescribable sense of beauty in the mind. Yet, none of us have heard them playing live in a concert.

Thats about to change, and change is what we are all about.

Get ready for an unforgettable night when Retrovizorja and Elina Duni bring their music for a life changing DokuNights performance on Saturday August 23rd. The band was formed during a cold Prishtina winter in 2002, when two friends Kreshnik Hoti and Bashkim Salihu decided to record their first album called ‘Polaroid’. Following the warm reception of the first album, they started a collaboration with Elina Duni as main singer, an event that would open up new dimensions for the band and would greatly influence their sound. Together they released two new albums, ‘Lakuriq’ (Naked) and ‘I kaltër’ (Blue).

So, on August 23rd, make sure to fasten your seatbelts and fix your rear view mirrors as you make your way to Prizren, because once you arrive all seatbelts and rear view mirrors will be unleashed by Retrovizorja with Elina Duni on a night that will change us all.

Full DokuNights line up to be announced soon in our website.