KOSOVO 2.0 @ DokuFest — Wednesday’s blockbusters


From Kosovo 2.0

Dixie Chicks: Shut Up And Sing (2pm @ Doku Kino)

In 2003 country stars the Dixie Chicks experienced one of popular music’s most spectacular falls from grace.

Having dared to criticize President Bush over the Iraq War the band were branded traitors by the administration and saw their fanbase diminish overnight.

Shut Up And Sing chronicles the Dixie Chicks attempts to regain lost ground and shows a band reborn by the end.

Evaporating Borders (8pm @ Shtepia e Kultures)

Part of the Balkan Dox program, Evaporating borders examines the experience of asylum seekers in Cyprus in the form of a five-part visual essay.

Whilst examining the plight of migrants, the film also looks at the effect of large-scale migration on Cyprus’ national identity.

Workingman’s Death (10pm @ Kino Kalaja)

Directed by Michael Glawogger (subject of a special program in this year’s festival), Workingman’s Death depicts some of the most dangerous jobs the world has to offer. From illegal mines in Ukraine, to a scrap metal yard in Pakistan, the film is a portrait of some of the world’s most put upon employees.