Fanfara Tirana to close DokuNights!  


Your don’t want to miss the closing night of DokuFest either!  The stage at the old Lumbardhi cinema will rattle and roll with Fanfara Tirana’s repertoire of fast rhythmic ethno tunes blasting through the instruments of no less than 14 musicians playing and dancing together. Fanfara Tirana consists of members of the military band of the Albanian armed forces who played for weddings and parties before touring all over Europe. Their performances touched some of Europe’s largest festivals, giving birth to a special kind of Balkan brass boom mixed with the great polyphonic vocal traditions.  Their basic repertoire comes from Albanian traditional music, but their arrangements add other Balkan rhythms to create a unique fusion of styles from all over the country, the region, and the world.

Fanfara Tirana will perform on August 24 and conclude the festival with a mix of sweet, bitter, spicy and real music.

Full DokuNights line up to be announced soon in our website.