DokuTech: Wednesday


From Kosovo 2.0

The second day of Dokutech will run under the theme of Security, looking at issues of internet safety, data surveillance and intelligence service.

Then, at 5pm, the talk “Algorithmic Discrimination versus Citizen Space” will take place guided by Dan McQuillan. The talk looks at technology from another perspective, including its flaws. It focuses on the implications of surveillance on social media; virtual communities; and useful tech innovations.

Next, at 6pm, there will be a panel discussion with Arianit Dobroshi, Dan McQuillan, Stephan Urbach and Flutura Kusari. The talk will focus on the controversy surrounding the European Court of Justice verdict on Data Retention Directive, which rules it invalid and the Kosovar “Draft Law on Interception of Electronic Communication” which blurs the limits of intelligence activities.

It will be continued by a talk of Stephan Urbach on “Spying and Intelligence Services — from the pope to the NASA” at 7pm. The talk will explore different areas of intelligence services and internet freedoms, offering an historical timeline of spying starting from the pope to contemporary times.

Wednesday’s Dokutech will be closed with “Turning the Tables on Big Brother: Power Networks, Transparency and Modern Day Muckraking.” This talk, starting at 8pm will be delivered by Kevin Connor and focuses on means of control at a global level.

Also, today for all the Rakija fans, but also those who want to learn something new, from 3-6pm Dokutech will host “DIY Fair – How To Make Rakija”. The participants will have the opportunity to see a practical demonstration of every step of the process of rakija production by the Frutomania Team.