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In Our Way

Na naš način

2021 — 12' / Color



In Kucura, a village in Bačka, we follow a completely normal, average family. Normal and average for Kucura. Grandfather of Bosnian blood, grandmother Ruthenian, mother and father from mixed marriages, and thus their children. Through everyday events, they teach children to nurture both languages, and to respect both nationalities.

Director Biography

Marina Todić was born in 2003. She comes from Kucura, but because of her cultural studies, she lives in Novi Sad. She has participated in many projects and workshops organized by OPENS, ERASMUS, and others. In her village, she has staged one children’s play for now. She made 3 short films, both for herself and for school.

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Marina Todić


Slobodna Zona Junior Fond B92


Free Zone
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