03 – 11 August 2018
Edition XVII

03 – 11 August 2018
Edition XVII

:The Ten Commandments of Love

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:The Ten Commandments of Love

UK, 1979, 30 min

In the autumn of 1979 I was looking through a stack of old film stills in a secondhand record shop. I found a still from ‘King Creole’ and decided that I would make a film from it. I had 10 new prints made from the still and hand tinted all of them. A few months later I was listening to ‘The Ten Commandments of Love’ by Harvey and the Moonglows and decided that I would use it as a soundtrack. I seem to recall that at the time the image of 1950’s love on the waterfront was irresistible, although with hindsight the film looks like an exercise in formalism – C.S. 1987.accent of sounds. –LRa past constructed to control her.

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Cordelia Swann was born and grew up in the United States, but has lived the greater part of her life in England where she has been a practicing film and video artist since 1979. Her work has been screened extensively in galleries, cinemas and on television in Britain and abroad. During this time she has also worked as a film and video programmer, curator and lecturer.
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Cordelia Swann

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