Screening Schedule: 08/10, 20:00, DokuKino Pllato


Kosova, 2016, 30 min

For more than a decade and a half mothers from Gjakova do not have any explanation or evidence about the fate of their children and husbands! They seek to discover what happened to their loved ones, to discover the circumstances of their murder and disappearance, to discover where their bodies are resting and to enable at least a dignified and human reburial! All this time they gathered on their own a little evidence and proof that could be gathered, protested constantly seeking assistance for their requests - but they are ignored consistently and often treated in inhumane ways and with indifference!

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Gazmend Bajri is a director, cameraman and editor with considerable experience which he gained by working in a significant number of projects in Virtual Studio, that he cofounded! Gazmend also showed originality, creativity and ability to find practical solutions in combination of computer graphics and moving images which he applied in many multimedia projects and campaigns.
Gazmend Bajri
+386 (0) 49220363
08/10, 20:00, DokuKino Pllato
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Gazmend Bajri, Shkurte Dauti
Gazmend Bajri
Gazmend Bajri
Kaltrina Krasniqi
Pëllumb Ballata

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