:All Still Orbit

Screening Schedule: 08/07, 16:00, DokuKino

:All Still Orbit

Croatia/Serbia/Germany/Brazil, 2016, 23 min

ALL STILL ORBIT Trailer from Restart on Vimeo.

All Still Orbit links together two apparently unrelated moments in the construction of Brasília: the dream by an Italian saint used to justify its creation and a small city built by the workers constructing the new capital to house them and their families. How do you make sense of a city built on a dream? Are all dreams made equal? Sometimes a documentary can feel like a fairy tale.

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Dane Komljen (1986, Yugoslavia) was educated in film directing in Belgrade. After his studies he made a video installation in Serbia and short films in Bosnia and Croatia. At Le Fresnoy in France, he learned about contemporary art during his Master's study.
James Lattimer (UK) makes his co-directorial debut with All Still Orbit (2016) and also works as a film critic and film festival programmer. He has been a member of Berlinale Forum's selection committee since 2011.
IFF Rotterdam 2016
goEast festival 2016
Oliver Sertić
Editor of Restart Label, producer
08/07, 16:00, DokuKino
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Dane Komljen, James Lattimer
Oliver Sertić, Dane Komljen, James Lattimer
Dane Komljen, James Lattimer
Dane Komljen, James Lattimer
Martin Semenčić
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