:A Magical Substance Flows Into Me

Screening Schedule: 08/12, 20:00, Kino Kalaja

:A Magical Substance Flows Into Me

Palestine/Germany/UK, 2016, 68 min

Robert Lachmann was a German-Jewish ethnomusicologist. In the 1930s, his radio show "Oriental Music" explored the musical traditions of Palestine and included regular live performances by musicians from different ethnic and religious groups. Inspired by Lachmann’s musicological studies, Palestinian artist Jumana Manna travels through Israel and the Palestinian territories of today with recordings from the programme. When a true fascination for history meets the sounds of the rababa, the saz, the oud and tin cans, a cultural diversity emerges that subverts the distinction between "Arab" and "Jewish".

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Jumana Manna born in the US in 1987, she is of Palestine origin and is established in Berlín. A graduate from CalArts, the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, her works have been shown at London’s Tate Modern, New Work’s Sculpture Center and Berlin’s Kunstlerhau Bethanien.
Berlinale 2016
Aesthetica FF 2016
Jumana Manna
+49 15 2596 29550

08/12, 20:00, Kino Kalaja
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Jumana Manna
Jumana Manna
Daniel Kedem
Katrin Ebersohn, Jumana Manna
Jochen Jezussek
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