Regional Creative Documentary School ACTive: TELLING STORIES WITH IMAGES


If somebody gives you a camera at this very moment, what would you film first? Knowing that you have only two minutes and you have never held a camera before… What’s the first thing you’d document in a city full of people, scents, souvenir and chickpea shops, teahouses and street fountains, shadowy places to talk and rest? What would your camera “see” in a city that you know like the palm of your hand, a city where every passerby has thousands of common stories to tell, where the children rejoice in everyday small pleasures and the elderly ones cheerfully greet each other? How would you visually represent compassion and intimacy? What about objectivity? Or pride?

Ever since the Regional Documentary Film School ACTive has begun, we’ve been actively searching for adequate images. A selection of documentary pieces, carefully made by Pamela Cohn and Guillermo Carreras–Candi, has introduced the participants to the world of documentary film. Srdjan Keca has illustrated what it takes to discover a documentary story while Vladimir Tomic pointed out the (non)fiction in the documentary film. Emilio Guerra brought closer the film aesthetics, a lecture that provoked an exceptionally productive discussion on the emotions that the film still imposes or reflects. At the wonderful Kino Klubi in Prizren we have also watched different-in-style but equally amazing documentary master pieces so that these young creative people could see for themselves how brilliant the documentary form can be!

Divided into five groups, in the last few days the participants have been actively developing their ideas and filming approaches – a process that has been enriched with group sessions and vivid discussions. And today, these future directors are finally out there, in the streets of Prizren, with the cameras on. Led by the incredibly dedicated tutors, they will try to express themselves visually and create adequate images.

In the next couple of days they will also discover the beauty of editing, so that we could once again gather in front of the film screen at Kino Klubi and see how they tell stories with images.