Human Rights Film Factory



Human Rights Film Factory – Stories From the Kosovo Margins is a project aimed at emerging filmmakers from Kosovo, Albania, FYR of Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro. The program is funded by EU and managed by European Union Office in Kosovo and implemented by DokuFest.

The program is coaching 6 short documentary projects from the initial idea to their full realizations.The selected filmmakers are invited to participate in three workshops and a series of master classes and seminars that cover themes such as: Project development, research, documentary directing, editing and dubbing.

After the completion of seminars teams were offered equipment to shoot and edit the film with continuous guidance through all stages of production by our team and experienced documentary professionals. Six 10 to 15 minutes documentaries will be produced as a result of the project. Additionally, a DVD package will also be produced and presented at regional film festivals and in Kosovo’s national TV’s.

The documentary projects directly or indirectly touch upon the issues of universal human rights in Western Balkans with special emphasize on stories from Kosovo, either by promoting them or showing their violations.

Through the project, DokuFest will also organize debates in various regions in Kosovo with the public, media and students to discuss the topics of human rights portrayed in the films. This way, we hope to promote further dialogue on human rights in Kosovo by initiating, encouraging and promoting the production of documentary films by authors from Kosovo and the region.





An EU funded project managed by European Commission Liaison Office and implemented by DokuFest.