:Zivan Makes a Punk Festival

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21.08, 20:00, KINO NË LUM

Zivan Makes a Punk Festival / Živan Pravi Pank Festival

Serbia, 2013, Colour, 63 min

Zivan is a punk rocker and a poet who comes from a very poor peasant family. Every summer, for the last five years, he organized a punk festival in his native village in Serbia. And, he always lost money on it. However, his passion is in offering a different cultural model to the people in his environment and his dreams are focused on changing the way those people think. Earning some money while doing that is also one of his biggest goals. This is the sixth time he makes a music festival, and Zivan decides to make it an international one - he's bringing a band from Slovakia. These are the four days in the life of a struggling enthusiast.

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Ognjen Glavonić (1985, Yugoslavia) graduated in film directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade in 2011. His short student films have been selected for more than fifty international film festivals.
Cinema City FF, Novi Sad, Serbia 2013.

Non-Aligned Films
Valjevska 8, 26000
Pancevo, Serbia

Screening Schedule

21.08, 20:00, KINO NË LUM


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Ognjen Glavonic


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