:Ricardo Bär

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20.08, 12:00, DOKU KINO

Ricardo Bär

Argentina, 2013, Colour, 92 min

Ricardo Bär is a young man who lives with his family in a farm, near the border between Argentina and Brazil. Around the farm, there are the rainforest and the settlers, who are descendants of German immigrants. Ricardo doesn’t want to inherit and work his father’s land, but become a preacher. The problems begin when Ricardo and his community ask the directors to stop filming and leave. From then on, Ricardo Bär tells two stories: one is the deal that the directors offer Ricardo to be able to make the film, and the other is the life of Ricardo at that moment, and his reaction to the director’s offer, staged for the film.

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Nele Wohlat born in Hannover, Germany, in 1982. She directed the shorts Schneeränder (2009) and, along with Naumann, Novios del campo (2009). Ricardo Bär is her first feature.
Gerardo Naumann born in Buenos Aires in 1974. He directed Emily, Una obra útil, and La fábrica, among other plays.
BAFICI 2013. Doc Point,Helsinki 2014. Viennale 2014. Play – Doc Tui, Spain 2014.

Subterránea Films
Nele Wohlatz

Screening Schedule

20.08, 12:00, DOKU KINO


Believe it or Not: Faith on Film


Nele Wohlatz, Gerardo Naumann


Christoph Behl, Gerardo Naumann, Nele Wohlatz


Lucas Gaynor


José María Avilés, Francisco Pedemonte


Felipe Guerrero


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