:A Story of People in War and Peace

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22.08, 12:00, SHTËPIA E KULTURËS

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A Story of People in War and Peace

Armenia, 2007, Colour, 69 min

From 1989–1994, Vardan Hovhannisyan filmed the Karabakh war on the frontlines as a war correspondent. He lived alongside the soldiers, doctors, and villagers caught in the conflict and captured their immediate thoughts and last words to their families. A few years later, Vardan returns to Karabagh and reunites with some of the survivors to try and find answers to the war and lessons for peace. The documentary emphasizes the psychological effects the war had on the young Armenian soldiers. The filmmaker wants to show how they are surviving in peace and raises ultimate questions about the costs of war and how it changes life forever.

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Vardan Hovhannisyan began his career as a freelance cameraman and covering the hot regions and ethnic conflicts related to the post-Soviet transition for international news agencies ( CBS News, WDR, Australian Broadcast Corporation and the World Monitor). In 1993 he founded Bars Media Documentary Film Studio and began working on documentaries about post-Soviet Armenia.
IDFA 2007. Hot Docs 2007. Best New Documentary Filmmaker Award, Tribeca 2007.

Bars Media 20
Sepuhi Str. 375028
Yerevan 0028, Armenia
+374 10 22 67 33

Screening Schedule

22.08, 12:00, SHTËPIA E KULTURËS


Armenian Perspectives


Vardan Hovhannisyan


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