DokuNights: Zhaba / Grimm Limbo/ Visar/ Legoff


From Kosovo 2.0

Tonight your night out in Andrra will be filled with a variety of sounds starting from alternative rock and electro-chill, straight through to raw tech house.

The first band that will perform is Zhaba, winners of the fourth edition of NGOM Fest 2014, a music festival held in Prizren at the beginning of this month.

Zhaba was created by two brothers, Lum (guitar, bass guitar, songwriter) and Drin (drums, keyboard, bass) Tashi. The other members are Arianit Thaçi (bass guitar) and Blerta Kosova (vocals). They return tonight once again to Prizren to open the fourth night of DokuNights with their alternative/post-rock sounds, and to set the stage for smooth electro-chill beats of Frank Boeijen or Grimm Limbo as we know him.

Grimm Limbo’s music is inspired by bands like Joy Division, U2, The Pixies and is full of melancholic melody and dark sounds but with a background that will have you dancing endlessly.

If you’re planning on calling it a night after Zhaba and Grimm Limbo, then you’re making a big mistake, you mustn’t let yourself miss a few more hours of the raw tech house served up to you by Visar and Legoff.