Human Rights Dox

Eternal Spring


2022 — 86' / Color



Facing denunciations of their banned faith in the Chinese state media, an engineer named Liang and a hulking grain worker called "Big Truck" execute a bold and perilous plan to hack into state television.
In the aftermath, police raids sweep Changchun City, and illustrator Daxiong (Justice League, Star Wars), is forced to flee. He arrives in North America, blaming the hijacking for worsening a violent repression.
But his views about the TV hijacking are challenged when he meets the lone surviving participant to have escaped China, now living in Seoul. Daxiong uses his art to retrace the event--bringing to life an unprecedented story of defiance, harrowing eyewitness accounts of persecution, and an inspiring tale of determination in the face of injustice.

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Director Biography

Jason Loftus, a Peabody Award-winning filmmaker and four-time Canadian Screen Award nominee, Jason’s work spans documentary, docuseries, virtual reality, narrative games, and animation. Jason produced the docuseries on Chinese cuisine, Confucius Was a Foodie, which was named Best Food Series on TV at the 2021 Taste Awards. It has aired in over 100 territories worldwide, including on PBS stations across the US and NatGeo People Asia.

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Jason Loftus


Jason Loftus

Kevin Koo

Masha Loftus

Yvan Pinard


John Tran


David Schmidt


Bret Killoran

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