International Short Dox

It's all about geography

2022 — 20' / Color



Shot in 8mm, It’s all about geography is a haptic and poetic exploration of a lover's separation a few weeks before the pandemic broke out, making geography and distances feel like they did in the times of our ancestors: unpredictable, abrupt and extensive. The film proposes intimate landscapes, sometimes external and some others internal, as they unleash a story between the two that has not yet been revealed.

Director Biography

Juan Francisco Riumalló is MA in Visual Anthropology at the Freie Universität Berlin, director and journalist. For 15 years he has worked directing reportages and documentaries for television in Chile and abroad. "Onkel Günter", his debut feature documentary, was premiered at SANFIC 2020 and won the award for Best Director in the Chilean Film Competition. He is currently developing projects combining methodologies and approaches from documentary, journalism and visual anthropology. In 2022, he directed the short film "Beyond Death: The Legacy of Chinchorro" for BBC Reel. "It's all about geography" is his first work with analog film material.

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Juan Francisco Riumalló


Ana María Lara

Juan Francisco Riumalló


Juan Francisco Riumalló


Lucía Torres


Tina Laschke


Moving Mountains
Juan Riumalló
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