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Rexhep - What Killed the Architect

Rexhep - Çka e vrau arkitektin

2022 — 83' / Color



“REXHEP – What Killed the Architect” is a feature documentary about the life and work of architect and urbanist Rexhep Luci, and the story of Prishtina, the city he loved and where he was murdered in September 2000. The documentary follows his personal and professional relationship with the city, from his dedication to urban growth during the Yugoslav period to his determination to prevent illegal construction in the post-war period. His niece, Besa, leads us through his life and Prishtina’s development through intimate conversations with family and Rexhep’s former colleagues, while following an architectural intervention on the street that bears his name. The documentary explores what puts a halt to an architect.

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Director Biography

Mathieu Jouffre is a filmmaker, graduating from the visual art school of Lyon. He has made and collaborated on many short movies and documentaries for cinema and television, between France and the Balkans. He has been traveling in this region for a decade, and now he's living and working in Kosovo.

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Mathieu Jouffre


Besa Luci


Mathieu Jouffre


Besa Luci

Mathieu Jouffre


Besa Luci
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