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Lumbardhi Indoor

At first glance, it seems that SQUARE lives among chaos and endless changes. But next, we can notice that the systems in which he functions, are constantly repeated, introduce a routine, hypnotize without allowing any movement.

Squaring the circle

In an asphalt-coloured world, cars hurtle through a village. Granny and Gramps live a life weathered by exhaust fumes.

A world that flew away on the back of a cow

A poetic and nostalgic portrait of a childhood seen through the eyes of siblings. A beautiful, sunny afternoon. A bunch of kids is playing football in the yard. Meanwhile in an closed apartment, a boy is looking after his younger sister. Behind the closed door the boy and the girl start a game of their own. What’s hidden behind children's games?


During a sunny holiday, a flock of tourists struggle to let go of their busy city lives, and the absence of daily tasks leaves them lost in an uncomfortable and frightening place. Once they learn to slow down, they may find some beauty in the here and now.

Intermission Expedition

An animated short exploring group dynamics. How do we define ourselves when we are all equal?


In China, in the early 1990’s, a little boy and his family have just come to live in a large factory complex. As he explores his new surroundings, he comes across other boys his age playing ping-pong — and discovers that they are fascinated by a cute little girl who spends her days looking out from the window of an upstairs apartment. Wanting to know more about the girl, he comes up with his own unique way of starting a friendship with her.

Angel's Mirror
Shtëpia e Kulturës

15-year-old Filip gets beaten up on a footbridge close to his neighbourhood. To retaliate, his father rents a billboard in the middle of the housing estate with the information about a reward for helping to find the thugs. He starts a local war, which Filip does not want to be part of. A simple coming-of-age story inspired by true events from the reportage „Boys with Butterflies” by Jacek Hugo-Bader.

Boys with Butterflies

A mother discovers that something happened to her daughter, instantly her whole being becomes mother of.

Mother of

People come, people go – Yet everyone is moving in the same direction. We all are sharing something that we are unaware of, creating one big picture we are unable to see. The film explores the idea of how everyone is connected in a way we may not realise. By sharing time, space and movement, we overlap and create a bigger picture.


Jonathas has been adopted but then returned due to his 'different' way. Inspired by true events.

The Orphan

In an ordinary Chinese winter, a small city junior high student, YU, tries to quit her school aerobic dancing team.

She Runs
Kino Klub

The border patrol of the USA is debating between eight prototypes designs, to build the wall at the Mexican border. In order to choose a winner, the officers try to pass through the structures, using technics learned from migrants and drug dealers.

It's Going to Be Beautiful

Between 2010 and 2013 two important psychiatric hospitals of Mexico closed down. Liliana was a patient in both due to her Borderline personality. With no further options to hospitalize her and with the imminent threat of a relapse, she and her parents face a treatment at home, with the support of their friends and family.

Away from Meaning
Shtëpia e Kulturës

Anouck is a resigned girl, torn between two loves, two violences: her man, an attractive watchdog, and her little brother, a young mad pup. The night of the boy’s 18th, this delicate triangle explodes, Anouck's revolt is on its way...


A woman gives voice to Annie Ernaux The years's text, a few collected fragments on the shores of a timeless Sardinia. Neither the words, nor the images, drawn from the family films, are expected to complete the narration of her story: places from her past. The mountains on the cost, a seascape, gardens, terraces, rooms of an apartment emerge like reflections of a fragmented and ever-changing memory, uncovered by a new light. The details in each gesture, in each face, of scenes of a life lived amongst family, reassembled and freed from their original context, become expressive elements of a confession that is both personal discovery and collective narration.


Macho is a poor boy, who skips school to work on a construction site. The only ray of light for him is his girlfriend, Donna .Yet, she is ashamed of his mother, who works as janitor in their school. Macho has to chose between his mother and his love, and he finds his own way to deal with his emotions.


WHAT’S THE DAMAGE is a proposition and provocation, answering back to ongoing crises under white patriarchy, relaying and augmenting feelings and gestures of chronic unease, protest and dissent. Phillipson’s summons and riposte storms in via menstrual blood, rising up against leadership circle-jerks, weeping vortexes, seared orang utans, animal-fat banknotes, and advancing supermoons, pizzas and drones.


What it means to be a stranger in your own home and country? Prisoner of Society is an intimate journey into the world and mind of a young transgender woman, trapped between her personal desire for freedom and traditional expectations of her parents that threatens their unity.

Kino Klub

Richard Rothstein, author of 'The Color of Law', narrates a fast-paced motion design film that illustrates the forgotten history of how all of the nation’s metropolitan areas became segregated by “de jure” segregation, racially explicit policy on the part of the federal, state and local governments. 'Segregated By Design' explores different subjects pertaining to residential segregation like many New Deal policies, racial zoning techniques like Redlining, the creation of slums, blockbusting, slum clearance, state-sponsored violence, the immense wealth gap between white families and African-American families, the effects of segregation and the constitutional remedy for the unconstitutional segregation.

Segregated By Design

With unprecedented access to the inner workings of the KKK in the 1970’s, the film presents frank and startling insight into the Klan’s involvement in the murders of two black and white freedom fighters in Alabama. A filmed debate between David Duke and Rev. Jesse Jackson in Chicago highlights Duke’s strange approach to twisting American history to justify his belief in the divisive concept of “separate but equal.” There are many parallels between “The New Klan” and the growing license to express intolerance in the current political climate. This beautifully preserved film allows us to look at our past to inform our future.

The New Klan, Heritage of Hate
GjirafaVideo VR Cinema

Featuring Cirque du Soleil’s world famous “O” at Bellagio, Dreams of “O” captures a surreal and amphibious tableau of whimsical characters unlike any other. For this collaboration between Samsung Gear VR, Félix & Paul Studios and Cirque du Soleil, a high- speed under-water VR camera was built from scratch by the film studio, to be able to capture the complex and intricate water choreographies featured in this experience -it’s the first camera of its kind within the virtual reality medium. Brace yourself for an ethereal and fantastical visual journey that takes you up in the air with daring dives, and under water for stunning aquatic sequences.

Dreams of 'O'

A mysterious tree watches over a forest while humans traverse its paths, planning construction zones and searching for a lost person. As civilization slowly unravels, quiet new dynamics emerge. Floodplain is set against a man-made environmental crisis and explores our relationships to each other at the end of nature. If we can no longer be what we were, can we really become something new? Can we be a forest, or a stone; can we be a multitude of organisms; can we be nothing? Can we be something that we don’t know we can be yet?


A person wants to tell a story about someone being trapped inside a shoebox. And the very next moment he becomes a protagonist in his never-told story. Even worse, he is threatened by his average self who comes to claim his life. With Heroes of Night and Tragic, Croatian experimental theater group Ateatar proves you don’t need a 360 camera to shoot a 360 video, and paves the way for unlimited VR creativity.

Heroes Of Night and Tragic

Kinoscope is a VR experience immersing the spectator into a lively and colorful universe to discover the history of cinema lead by the voice of the Hollywood legend Dean Tavoularis, motion picture production designer whose work appeared in numerous box office hits such as The Godfather films, Apocalypse Now, The Brink’s Job, One from the Heart and Bonnie and Clyde.


Overview is a 30 minutes narrative experience on the objects of the cosmos, from the planets in our Solar System to the galaxies beyond the Milky Way. Created by Orbital Views and film director Paul Mezier with a team of scientists using data from NASA and the European Space Agency, Overview is an accurate and poetic adventure for all ages. How big is our galaxy? How far are we from the Sun? What does it feel like to be inside a nebula? You can now find, from your own perception, the answers to these questions. Much more than a documentary, Overview is an immersive real-time simulation tested with astronauts. It is the journey to the stars we have all dreamed of.

Lumbardhi Indoor

Astronauts in the desert of Oman. Or is it Mars? Bedouines, spaceships, desertships, two young girls passionate about space and a lost director reflecting about decisions and fears in this big Universe, and the relation between exploration, nomadism, colonialism and freedom.

Mars, Oman

Debut writer and director Frank Beauvais crafts a brilliant and blistering essay recounting an intense personal crisis he experienced while living in an isolated French village. After his boyfriend leaves and his father drops dead in front of him, Beauvais begins watching four or five films a day, fiction, documentary even vintage porn often deep into the night. Beauvais daring and hypnotic confession is placed over clips from the 400 films the French filmmaker watched over the dark, four month period.

Just Don’t Think I’ll Scream
Shtëpia e Kulturës

In a veritable firework display of digital self-portraits, hundreds of quaint, embarrassing and dreadfully disturbing selfies were arranged in a unique short film composition. Single photos, artistically reworked, consolidate to form a ghastly grin that outshines the abyss of human existence.


A white diplomat arrives in central Africa. He has bought an ambassadorship and claims to be business man on a diplomatic mission. Officially he's there to start a factory that produces matches - this, to employ locals and teach how to make matches. Unofficially he is there to gain access to vast reserves of diamonds.

The Ambassador
DokuKino Plato

In his barbershop, Bashkim tinkers with hair and hearts. He shares his philosophy of life with his customers, whom he treats like guests and reveals his next project: shooting a film. As director and protagonist he is transfigured from being a marginal figure to having the key role in an aesthetic exploration of the big concepts in life.

Bashkimi United

The film deals with Rron, a young Albanian boy from Kosovo who faces his expectations of going illegally to Germany.


An old lady is being closely watched by a young man, who actually acts like caring for her. Later on, he meets an ordinary thief and asks him to break in the old lady’s apartment. He manages to convince the thief to do the theft even though the latter expressed his unwillingness. After a week, the thief manages to do the evil act. Soon after that, the old lady gets ill. The thief finds himself in a situation of making a life-changing DECISION.


A journey over time. Depicting different states of mind. Making visible, the invisible. Giving voice to the voiceless. A journey through the mind.

Through the Mind

During one of the last days of the winter two young Kosovar actors find some left over construction material next to the road. While dreaming about leaving the country without the visa hassle they decide to take the shattered parts with them. At an abandoned building they start constructing the different parts building their own one-man rocket - while stories from the past are brought up. Both boys decide that the rocket needs to be launched from the top of the highest mountains in Kosovo, the mythical Accursed mountains. After a dreadful hike to the top of the Accursed mountains, one of the boys will be launched into a new future

Toni and Bleri
DokuKino Plato

A group of young people in Kigali meet at the home of their deceased friend for a wake. Though he died at a young age, he led a singular life in a conformist society. They spend the evening in remembrance of him and his creative legacy, reflecting on their own life paths.

I Got My Things And Left

After a young woman is responsible for a hit and run, strange and spooky things starts to happen... A small thriller about people that are not always the best at making decisions.

Good Intentions

Phnom Penh at night. Three young hip-hop dancers drive a single motorbike and stop on a muddy deserted road. Nick leaves the others to look for an iPhone he heard was lost in the area. Piseth and Thy discuss their hopes and doubts, and Piseth shows his best Michael Jackson moves. They meet Leakhena, a young female street vendor whose cart is full of colors.

New Land Broken Road

21st May 2017, Mapusa-Goa, India. An ordinary night starts to turn wildly dramatic for Ketan, a Maharashtrian migrant, when an anonymous attack on his car congregates excessive attention in the Conformist Goan neighbourhood. Dreadful coldness knocks when the entire locality is calling out to Ketan and he’s stuck with his paramour in his small rented room while his pregnant wife is away at her parents house.

A Cold Summer Night