02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

A group photo of the winners of this year's edition of DokuFest

DokuFest XV Winners Announced!

August 13th, 2016

The winners of 15th edition of DokuFest were announced at the award ceremony held today at the Lumbardhi Cinema in Prizren, after the jury deliberation. 107 films ran for awards in six competitive categories, as well as the audience award.

The 9-day festival activities included the screening of 238 films representing 57 countries, workshops, panels, debates, masterclasses, exhibitions and a series of live acts under the DokuNights with world stars such as Om†ar Souleyman and Yasmine Hamdan performing. Prizren once again became a city fully immersed in the celebration of cinema and culture.

Bellow is a full list of winners:


Jury: Eric Hynes, Marek Septimus, Maria Bonsanti

Statement: For a film that we all found to be as cinematically accomplished as it is morally devastating, employing a language to fit its subject that combines audio witness with footage of tragically unpeopled landscapes, putting the viewer in a position of both historical reflection and present outrage, and providing a layered, emotional and intellectual engagement that we won’t soon forget, it is with deep admiration, gratitude and enthusiasm that we award Best Balkan Documentary to DEPTH TWO by Ognjen Glavonic.

The same jury gave the “Special Mention” for the BALKAN DOCUMENTARY COMPETITION to SOMETHING ABOUT LIFE by Nebojsa Slijepcevic

Statement: The jury wanted to acknowledge the group of remarkably strong and diverse short films in competition, such as Postcards from Manila, A Short Family Film, and It Could Be a Film. But the film that stayed with us throughout the week is a film of respectful observation and great curiosity, a compact yet deep portrait of a young woman that has an intimacy born of collaboration. The jury makes a special mention to SOMETHING ABOUT LIFE by Nebojsa Slijepcevic.

The same jury gave the BEST BALKAN NEWCOMER AWARD to TOURISM by Toni Gacina

Statement: For a film that approaches with great sensitivity, humor and humanity a subject that another filmmaker might merely mock, a movie that captures a whole ecosystem, from workers to vacationers, from water to air, with an observant, patient and omnipresent camera. This is a filmmaker we are very excited to follow into the future. The Best Balkan newcomer prize goes to TOURISM by Tonci Gacina.

The same jury gave the “Special Mention” for the BEST BALKAN NEWCOMER award to DRUMS OF RESISTANCE by Mathieu Jouffre

Statement: For a film that takes the form of conversations, an open exchange of personal recollections, that lets the past emerge as relevant to the present while also using dialogue and the passing down of experience as a tool of resistance, the Jury makes a special mention to DRUMS OF RESISTANCE by Matthieu Jouffre.



Jury: Carlos Ramos, Jetmir Idrizi, Luke Moody, Nick Pinkerton, Rachael Rakes

Statement: Oleg and His Rare Arts is an unusual music documentary which lets the character lead the film, an inimitable title character given the time and space in which to reveal himself in his own good time. The editing is strange and deft, picking up tender, brilliant, telling moments in perfect time, seamlessly transitioning between long and short takes.

The same jury gave the “Special Mention” for the INT’L DOCUMENTARY COMPETITION/FEATURE DOX to ON FOOTBALL by Sergio Oksman

Statement: Sergo Oksman’s wrenching film lays out its strategy–a sequence of mostly fixed-camera shots, documenting the filmmaker’s reunion with his estranged father during the course of the World Cup in Brazil–and doesn’t abandon its course even in the face of tragedy: The tragedy of a fan, and the tragedy of a son. The austerity of Oksman’s approach amplified rather than smothers the emotional impact of the images, in a film which eloquently, simply expresses the degree to which sports can act as a conduit for communication between taciturn, withdrawn men.



Jury: Carlos Ramos, Jetmir Idrizi, Luke Moody, Nick Pinkerton, Rachael Rakes

Statement: Impressions of a War draws a powerful and visceral picture of the last 70 years of internal conflict in Colombia. Departing from the imperfections of local printed newspapers, Camilo Restrepo creates a brilliant universe where these flaws are present in the structure of the film, highlighting a rich and meaningful combination of layers that address historical, political and human aspects of the region.

The same jury gave the “Special Mention” for the INT’L DOCUMENTARY COMPETITION/SHORT DOX to THE PARK by Randa Maroufi

Statement: The Park offers a boldly choreographed vision of Moroccan youth. The filmmaker’s deconstruction of a ‘selfie’ phenomenon gives us a heightened awareness of the politics and artful composition of these images. Each frame is loaded with a tableaux of fragile testosterone like ancient friezes about to collapse.



Jury: James Longely, Mustafa Kerem Yuksel, Tue Sten Muller

Statement: An uncompromising and monumental documentary that patiently reveals the daily routine of an Iraqi family circling on the edge of tragedy, Homeland personalizes the true cost of war through the filmmaker’s respectful gaze.

The same jury gave the “Special Mention” for the HUMAN RIGHTS AWARD to STARLESS DREAMS by Mehrdad Oskouei

Statement: A documentary film of rare delicacy, Starless Dreams explores the interior world of young imprisoned women in Iran with an indelible emotional precision and sensitivity to its subject.


GREEN DOX – WINNER: WHEN TWO WORLDS COLLIDE by Heidi Brandenburg, Mathew Orzel

Jury: Defne Koryurek, Diego Mas Trelles, Martin Horyna

Statement: We felt so strongly for the works sincerity, heartfelt dedication and respect to the characters and the people involved. Therefore, we would like to thank the directors and the team for bringing such a huge atrocity that caused lives and threatened the livelihood of so many.

The same jury gave the “Special Mention” for the GREEN DOX AWARD to THE WOODS DREAMS ARE MADE OF by Claire Simon

Statement: We would like to give a special mention to a work which held such a challenge for us.We thank the director and her team for giving us a chance to look at ecology from a totally different point of view.We thank The Woods Dreams Are Made Of for the challenge.



Jury: Anri Sala, Barbara Orlicz – Szczyputa, Christopher Tidman

Statement: The jury awards first prize to an intimate look into the absurd nature of new beginnings.Through the use of visual techniques unique to a time gone by, it explores a theme still so relevant today.A quirky look at Migration, Fragmentation, Integration, Acceptance and Family in search of a new normality.

The same jury gave the “Special Mention” for the INT’L SHORTS AWARD to FRANKFURTER STR. 99A by Evgenia Gostrer

Statement: A snapshot of an ordinary life on any other day uniquely told through a distinctive animation style. A blending of documentary and animation, not frequently combined in storytelling, morph together perfectly to explore this relationship.



Jury: Blerta Basholli, Christoffer Olofsson, Eriola Pira

Statement: For mastering the short fiction film form in a compelling and complete story of two students and their everyday negotiations on and off stage. The authentic performances, clever scriptwriting,and decisive direction manage to reveal the dreams and struggles of the characters with a care and integrity that refuses easy conclusions about their chosen profession or self-worth.

The same jury gave the “Special Mention” for the NATIONAL COMPETITION AWARD to I KISSED YOU KISS ON YOUR GIRLFRIEND’S CHEEK, IT WAS STILL WET by Samuel Weniger, Dardan Zhegrova

Statement: For its ambitious foray into a new direction, with visually alluring images, poetry and sound, that combine to make it into a standout film.



“Batusha’s House” by Tino Glimman and Jan Gollob.



The winner of the “EkoVideo” environmentally-themed film are:

Besnik Boletini
Indrit Loshi
Agon Veselaj