02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

DokuFest Announces its Complete Panel Schedule

August 2nd, 2016

In order to explore this year’s theme of corruption at depth, we have carefully curated a number of panels and debates that will be taking place all throughout the festival.

Whether it’s the titular debate of the festival, “Power, Corruption and Lies”, which will explore how and why governments have spiraled into corrupt practices and how various innovators and activists have tried to stop them, or panels about the “moral decay” of politics and politicians, to panels about protest movements trying to counter the effects corruption has had on their respective societies – DokuFest visitors are encouraged to participate, ask questions and debate.

PANELS @ Prizren League

(The following panels will all take place at 17:00 on the dates listed below)


Power, Corruption and Lies (Monday, August 8th)
The panel discussion on high-level state corruption, abuse of power and manipulations to remain in power.

Smári McCarthy, Innovator and Information Activist

Michael Chessum, Labour activist and writer
Lumir Abdixhiku, Economic expert and analyst
Moderator: Arta Avdiu

“Handle with Care! It is citizen’s property” (Tuesday, August 9th)
Screening of four one-minute animations “The Government’s Big Projects in One Minute”
Presentation of series of studies “Handle with Care! It is citizen’s property”

Moderator: Agron Bajrami

Alban Hashani (Riinvest)
Arton Demhasaj (Çohu)

Governance and Impunity (Tuesday, August 9th)
The panel discussion on lack of dedication and willingness on the side of institutions to fight corruption, nepotism and organized crime.


Eric Gibson, US Department of Justice

Adam LeBor, a British author, novelist and journalist
Moderator: Agron Bajrami

A series of shorts, titled “The Government’s Big Projects in One Minute”, will be shown before the panel at 16:00

Panelists: Alban Hashani (Riinvest) and Arton Demhasaj (Çohu)

Everyday Rebellion (Wednesday, August 10th)
The efficacy of civil resistance is not a matter of theory. Nonviolent social movements and civic campaigns have a rich history of ending oppression and injustice, and the apparatus of state and other forms of corruption.

Artan Sadiku, Solidarnost (Skopje)
Ksenija Radovanovic, Ne (davi)mo Beograd (Belgrade)
Hajrulla Çeku, Ec ma ndryshe (Prizren)
Moderator: Agron Bajrami

Media & Technology (Thursday, August 11th)
Media and Technology in fighting corruption: The revelations of the Panama Papers have brought the issue of corruption under further media focus.

Conny Abel, Transparency International
Suhad Babaa, Just Vision
Kreshnik Gashi, Kallxo.com

From Before to After (Friday, August 12th)
Looking at periods of democratic transition in any country, there is a lot of expectation and energy in the first stages. But this energy diminishes quite quickly when people realize expectations are too high to be met.

Fatos Lubonja and Veton Surroi in conversation

“Si N’fore” performance by Dardan Islami (12 August 20:00)

Exploring different aspects of corruption and fight against it through interactive communication. Each day starting from 8 August participants at the panel discussions will be asked specific questions, while Dardan will build a special performance based on your inputs.

PANELS @ Hammam

Cinema Politica (Saturday, August 6th) 15:00
CINEMA POLITICA is a Montreal-based media arts, non-profit network that is committed to supporting alternative, independent, and radical political film and video, and the artists who dare to devote time, passion and resources to telling stories from the margins. Founders Svetla Turnin and Ezra Winton will discuss the intersection of documentary filmmaking, grassroots screenings and social justice activism.

Film and 4K cinematography – MASTERCLASS (6 August – Hamam)

Predrag Bambić, S.A.S. and Sony Independent Certified Expert, holding the MasterClass about mainstream digital cinematography compared to traditional cinema and implementation of Sony digital cinematography methods and technologies.

Multilingua (Sunday, August 7th) 17:00
The values and advantages of multilingualism as an efficient mechanism on better integration of Kosovo’s non-majority communities.

Professor Francois Grin, Economic Languages Education
Halil Matoshi, Journalists and Political Analysts
Slavisa Mladenovic, Language Commissioner Kosovo

Corrupted Energy (Monday, August 8th) 17:00
The Western Balkan countries have been facing many challenges in achieving sustainable and affordable energy for their citizens. One of the main restraints continues to be corruption, which is keeping the sector unstable and undeveloped.  

Aida Bicakcic (BiH)
Gjergj Erebara (ALB)
Mirko Popovic (SER)
Rinora Gojani (KOS)
Moderator: Haki Abazi

KINOFIGURATION! (Tuesday, August 9th) 17:00
August 2014 saw DokuFest open with a protest as a response to the attempted privatization of its place of birth – Lumbardhi Cinema. Following the formation of the Initiative for the Protection of Lumbardhi Cinema, the privatization of the cinema was stopped and turned into a cultural heritage monument. The panel will focus on the work followed through the initiative, while bringing into conversation the possible futures of Lumbardhi.

Ares Shporta
Aslihan Demirtas
Vasif Kortun
Veton Nurkollari

Dealing with the Past (Wednesday, August 10th) 17:00
What does the reconciliation process in the region mean? What is the contribution of regional politicians in this process? What is the EU’s role in the reconciliation process in the region? How should the legacy of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia be used, in order to start the process of reconciliation? Does the civil society have the potential to reveal the foundations of the process of reconciliation?

Zarko Puhovski
Natasa Kandic
Shkelzen Maliqi
Petar Miletic
Moderator: Adriatik Kelmendi

Special Interest is the New Mainstream (Thursday, August 11th) 16:00
“Special interest is the new mainstream, any time anywhere on any device.” Television has expanded to suit new times and spaces, providing all genres and subjects and this plurality of choices has provided audiences with an ever-wider range of content options.

Jan Pieter Koene
Ben Vandendaele
Oliver Sertic
Moderator: Eroll Bilibani

“More Women in Global Politics, Less Corruption? (Thursday, August 11th) 17:30
Are women “less inclined to corruption than men”? Are “women parliamentarians able to reduce corruption”? Prominent women parlamentarians from Belgrade and Prishtina will discuss their views, experiences and common grounds on fighting corruption.

Panelist: 2 members of the Assembly from Belgrade, 2 members of the Assembly from Prishtina

Moderator: Senad Sabovic



A key part of each edition of DokuFest are our workshops and masterclasses, where various visiting filmmakers, film industry experts and specialists open up their toolkits and discuss their assorted experiences with attendees.

Below you will find an assortment of workshops that might pique your interest and diversify your DokuFest experience.

Diarmuid Jeffreys (Saturday, August 6th, 14:00)

@ Kino Klubi

Diarmuid Jeffreys is an award-winning journalist and television producer with thirty years’ experience in the media industry. Now based in Doha, he is Head of Investigative Programmes and responsible for Al Jazeera’s People & Power investigative strand, the Africa Investigates series and a variety of stand-alone documentaries.

His talk will focus on the “Africa Investigates” series, a groundbreaking documentary series that exposed corruption and abuse across Africa.

Seamus Murphy (Sunday, August 7th, 14:00)

@ Kino Klubi

Renowned photojournalist and filmmaker Seamus Murphy, an honored DokuFest guest, will be giving a glimpse into his extensive journalistic career which has spanned over a couple of decades. He will also talk about his fascination and continuous exploration of Afghanistan, as well as about his unique artistic collaboration with acclaimed British artist PJ Harvey.

Deborah Stratman (Monday, August 8th, 14:00)

@ Kino Klubi

A brief look at some of the ways that audio makes, disturbs, camouflages and animates space.

More specifically, how images and sounds are fortified by displacement.

It’s the gap that gives us perspective, history, criticality, meaning. The interval orients us. There are many ways to define an interval – as duration or distance, absence or presence, as definite or indefinite, as lapse, refrain, shadow, ellipse, etc. In this instance, we’ll consider the interval vis-à-vis harmonics, and how it is distance that produces the chord, both synchronically and diachronically.

Anri Sala (Wednesday, August 10th, 14:00)

@Kino Klubi

We are honored to host an artist talk with one of the most acclaimed artists to emerge in recent decades, Anri Sala.

Kirsten Johnson (Thursday, August 11th, 14:00)

@Kino Klubi

Filmmaker and renowned documentary director of photography Kirsten Johnson exposes her role behind the camera in her latest film, which is playing in competition this year at DokuFest. Join us in conversation with this great storyteller as she shares a few seminal episodes behind some of the most stunning footage shot over the last couple of decades around the world.

MEET THE FESTIVALS (Thursday, August 11th, 18:00)

@Musa Shehzade

Meet the Documentary and Short film festival representatives present at Dokufest 2016. An opportunity for film industry peoples, filmmakers, festival representatives to make one-on-one meetings and discuss their projects and cooperation possibilities.

SIMON ELLIS (Friday, August 12th, 14:00)

@Kino Klubi

In conversation with SIMON ELLIS, moderated by Alexei Dmitriev

Not only is he a brilliant and versatile filmmaker, Simon Ellis is also a great human being and a nice chat companion. That will be proved by engaging him into talking about movies, festivals and cooking.





Dates: 06-07-08, August 2016 Location: Prizren, Kosovo

Panels are open to all guests of DokuFest

Laboratory of Visual Anthropology (L.V.A) is an initiative of a group of researchers from Albania and Kosovo in the field of social and cultural anthropology. Workshop 0 is the very first step toward the foundation of an international summer school in anthropology and visual arts. Interrogating Silence is an attempt to reflect on a number of issues related to silence and image in culture and society. Workshop 0 welcomes every participant and guest of DokuFest. The interventions will be held in English and Albanian.

6th of August,
Time: 10:00-13:00
Venue: Loyola
Anthropology and Ethnographic Film
(Speaker: Arsim Canolli, Department of Archeology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Prishtina, Kosovo).
Jean Rouch’s Cinema and the Colonial Encounter Screening: Les Maîtres Fous, 1955
Author: Jean Rouch
Duration: 28 minutes
(Speaker: Blerina Hankollari, Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Arts Studies, Albania).
The Dance of the Rufais: Missing Sound in an Ethnographic Documentation of a Mystical Ritual
Screening: Vallja e Rufaive
Author: BesimSahatçiu
Duration: 8 minutes
(Speaker: Arber Jashari, Center of Ethnographic Film, Department of Archeology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Prishtina, Kosova)

6th of August
Time: 16:00- 18:00
Voices of the City: Music, Urban Life and Memory
(Speaker: Mikaela Minga, Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Arts Studies, Albania)
Men do cry: The Gjama ritual in North Albania
(Speaker: Ledia Dushi, European University of Tirana, Albania).

7th of August
Time: 10:00- 12:00
Can Photography Speak? The Story about nanny Feride in Prishtina after WWII.
(Speaker: Eli Krasniqi, University of Graz, Austria)
Life in/of Photography in Dictatorial Time
(Speaker: Zef Paci, University of Arts, Tirana, Albania)

7th of August 16: 00 – 18:00
The Contemporary Use of Ancient Symbols (Speaker: Shemsi Krasniqi, University of Prishtina)
“I am the river”: The Silences on the Last Wild River of Europe
Screening: “I am the River”
Duration: 8 min 38 seconds
Author: Ilir Kaso
(Speaker: Ilir Kaso, University of Arts- Tirana, Albania).

8th of August 10.00-12.00
“The State was the Fear-the Fear was the State”: On State Mode of Production of Silence
Screening: “Tainted Bodies, Forgotten Souls”
Duration: 23 minutes
Authors: Nebi Bardhoshi, Olsi Lelaj
(Speakers. Nebi Bardhoshi & Olsi Lelaj Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Arts Studies, Albania)

8th of August 13-15 – 14:00
Concluding Remarks and Future Plans

Open to participants only.



(August 9th, 2016) Begins at 10:00h

RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) professor Agon Nimani in a half day workshop exploring and creating drone imaging. Professor Nimani has won multiple international awards for his innovative work using cutting edge technology including arial drone imaging, 360 degree image and video, logo and web design.

RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) began using drones in research of flora and fauna in the Sharr Mountain region through its Center for Energy and Natural Resources lead by Dr. Michael Waschak and continues with collaborations and creative projects in Media and IT. Professor Nimani has an impressive collection of original images and video from Albania and Kosovo using latest technology drones. You will be sure to enjoy and learn through presentation and demonstration about the exciting things happening in imaging at RIT Kosovo (A.U.K)

Open to participants only.



(August 10-12, 2016)

BDC Discoveries 2016 is aimed at documentary projects in development with international potential and a cross-media angle. Module Prizren is focused on marketing, pitching preparation and inspiration. BDC Pitching forum takes place, as observers are members of the pitching jury.

Open to workshop participants only