(Track 2 – Security)
    20 August 2014


Exploring and challenging the social implications of technological innovations through connectivity, content, openness and security. DOKU:TECH is an initiative of IPKO Foundation, SHARE Foundation and DokuFest.


DOKU:TECH brings a focus on sharing  knowledge and experiences on digital security, data protection, surveillance and privacy. In contemporary society, online trust is an issue with a very high importance.

Protection of one’s digital identity, right of personal privacy regarding information storage, displaying and re-purposing personal information, surveillance, monitoring activities, information and behavior with the aim of guarding, influencing and handling potential threats, criminal activities or other related issues will be discussed. A key question for discussion will be what kind of privacy exists in 2014?

Day Two speakers include: Stephan Urbach, Michelle Orru, Jeta Xharra, Vladan Joler, Kevin Connor followed with panel on Metadata and Surveillance.

For detailed schedule please visit DOKU:TECH website: http://dokute.ch/#schedule