SCHOOLS AND DOCUMENTARIES “Promoting Democratic Values and Human Rights through Film” a project funded by National Endowment for Democracy NED and implemented by DokuFest.

The project implemented in cooperation with DokuFest’s partner organization One World from Prague, enables students access to documentary films and methodical manuals that tackle actual themes related to human rights. Three-year experience has proven that audiovisual tools have great potential to communicate efficiently with high school students.

In 2008 – 2009, DokuFest organized screenings of human rights related documentary films to high school students of Prizren. This project included 3,000 students that attended the screenings, further expressing their interest to debate on the topics that came out from the documentaries. In 2010, NED continued its support to a similar project that included students from the High Schools of Dragash, Mamusha and Suhareka in addition to those of Prizren. Simultaneously, DokuFest in collaboration with officials of the Kosovar education system published a manual on documentary films and their usage as an educational tool for human rights topics in high schools of Kosova.

Within this year DokuFest will promote the manual in other high schools of Prizren town and further. In addition, working closely with Education Directorate of Prizren Municipality, school directors and students, new Film Clubs will be established in Remzi Ademaj Gymnasium and Loyola in Prizren including Jeta e Re high School in Suhareke.

These schools will receive necessary equipment for film screening and documentary films on human rights topics. Film clubs will organize screenings twice a month, that will be followed by debates on the issues that arose from the films. Screenings and debates aim at increased awareness amongst students in topics of human rights and promotion of democratic values.

Preparation of educational tools and collaboration with educational sistem in Kosovo, placed DokuFest as an important education contributing factor in the community as well as active partner in awareness raising amongst students in topics of human rights and democratic values.