30 January, 2024

The primary objective of this engagement is to create a strategic fundraising plan that aligns with our organization's goals and ensures sustainable financial support for our cultural initiatives.


Scope of work:

The selected consultant/agency will be responsible for, but not limited to, the following tasks:

1. Conduct a thorough assessment of our current fundraising practices,

2. researching and identifying potential funding sources, including individual donors, corporations, grants and other opportunities,

3. analyzing the strength and weaknesses of our current fundraising efforts,

4. developing a multi channel fundraising strategy, including online campaigns, events, grants applications, commercial sponsors,

5. creating a timeline and action plan in implementing the fundraising strategy,

6. providing training and guidelines of our internal staff to ensure the successful execution of the plan.


Interested parties are invited to submit a comprehensive proposal addressing the following:

◼ Overview of the consultant/agency, including experience with cultural non-profits.

◼ Relevant experience in developing successful fundraising strategies.

◼ Approach to understanding our organization's unique needs and cultural focus.

◼ Proposed methodology for conducting the assessment and developing the strategy.

◼ Samples of previous successful fundraising strategies developed for similar organizations.

◼ Detailed budget proposal, including all associated costs.

Please submit your proposal to the email address: [email protected] clearly marked with the subject line: "Fundraising Strategy Proposal for DokuFest".

Submission deadline is 31.03.2024.