25 June, 2022

We call on all DokuFest enthusiasts to join our team and add their sparkle to the magic that this year’s edition is going to be.

The position we’re looking to hire are the following:

*The number in the brackets is indicative of the number of people we need for the position

  • Photography professionals (2)
  • Projectionist (7)


  • Marketing Coordinator 
  • Cinema Coordinator
  • DokuShop Coordinator


  • Hospitality Assistant (3)
  • Events Assistant (3)
  • Logistics Assistant (5)
  • PR and Media Assistant (1)
  • Assistant to the DokuKids Programme (2)

All interested should send their info to our email address: [email protected]

  • Position for which you are applying (as a title in the email)
  • Motivational letter
  • Detailed CV

The deadline for application is 10.07.2022, at midnight.

Former volunteers will have priority in the selection process.