Edition 23: 2–10 August, 2024


My Father’s Prison

La Prisión de mi Padre

2023 — 81' / Color


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When Iván Simonovis becomes the first and most famous political prisoner in Venezuela, a 15-year period of imprisonment leaves devastating effects on his and his family’s lives. Living in exile as a filmmaker, his son Iván Andrés crafts a very personal and moving story, using over 25 years of unique family material, showing history from an angle never seen before. A family that had to overcome extreme hardship, a father that has to find his place in life again and a son that faces his traumas by inviting the viewer into the core of a wound that touched both his family and his entire country.

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Director Biography

Iván Andrés Simonovis Pertiñez is a Venezuelan filmmaker exiled in Berlin. His work focuses on political persecution and exile. He has a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Marburg and a Masters in Film from the Free University of Berlin. His documentary shorts for the web A LA DERIVA (2015), DESDE EL EXILIO (2017), and CARACAS 9 DE ENERO (2018) have appeared in international media outlets.

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Iván Andrés Simonovis Pertiñez


Jan Syrucek

Lukáš Moudrý


Iván Andrés Simonovis Pertiñez


Juan Soto Taborda


Luka Šuto


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