View from the World

The Visit

Austria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway
2014 — 83' / Color



“This film documents an event that has never taken place – man’s first encounter with intelligent life from space”. With unprecedented access to the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs, the military, and experts from leading space agencies, the film explores a first contact scenario, beginning with the simplest of questions: Why are you here? How do you think? What do you see in humans that we don’t see in ourselves? A journey beyond a terrestrial perspective, revealing the fears, hopes, and rituals of a species forced not only to confront alien life forms, but also its own self image.

Biografia e Regjisorëve

Michael Madsen is a conceptual artist and director of award-winning Into Eternity. Recent films include Halden Prison, and part of Cathedrals of Culture. In addition, Michael has been guest lecturer at a.o. Royal Danish Academy of Art, Danish Film School, University of California, University of Western Sydney, School of Architecture London.


Michael Madsen


Lise Lense-Møller


Heikki Färm


Nathan Nugent

Stefan Sundlöf


Artis Øivind Weingaarde

Peter Albrechtsen


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