25 Mar, 2020

In light of the current COVID-19 situation that is unfolding across the world, DokuFest announces a daily film screening of a short film produced through our Documentary Film Production Centre, until the current situation ends.

Film Screening Day 9

SHTOJZOVALLE by Flutura Balaj

SHTOJZOVALLE from DokuFest on Vimeo.

Year of Production: 2018
Length: 12 min.

Shtojzovalle: magical Creatures of the Albanian mythology that posses supernatural powers and extraordinary beauty. Often found in the woods singing and dancing, the Shtojzovalle are finally captured by the eyes of humans. After centuries of living around us, they invite us into their mystical realities. By letting us meet their superpowers, their beautiful world and desire for music, these Shtojzovalle help us reflect on the missed opportunities we’ve had to see and appreciate any Shtojzovalle in real life.

The film is produced through “SCHOOLS AND DOCUMENTARIES: Promoting Democratic Values and Human Rights through Film” a project funded by National Endowment for Democracy -NED and implemented by DokuFest.