08 April, 2022

The OSCE Mission in Kosovo, in co-operation with Dokufest, invites teachers of Languages and Communication, Arts, Society and the Environment, and Civic Education courses, levels 5 and 6 (grades X-XII), to participate in the upcoming workshop on the Use of Media Literacy Tools in Classroom Teaching, to be held on 6 to 8 May 2022.

The workshop aims to strengthen teachers’ skills to facilitate the learning process through the use of media and information literacy concepts and tools. The focus will be on the lifelong learning perspective, with particular attention to evaluate the credibility of information, fact-checking, effective and conscientious consumption of information, e-learning and the ability to utilize new digital technologies.

Workshop modules include lectures on the effects of media, methods of critical evaluation and understanding media messages.

Teachers are encouraged to be willing to cooperate in addressing cross-curricular themes involving media literacy and in studies covering democratic societies, peace and sustainable development are encouraged to apply.

Moreover, teachers who apply methods aimed at developing self-confidence, initiative, problem-solving and stimulating student creativity are also encouraged to apply.

Due to the limited number of seats, the selection of teachers shall be done through the evaluation of applications.

Please apply by April 28, 2022 using this form: APPLY HERE