01 May, 2020

DokuFest is pleased to announce that it has appointed Alba Çakalli as Festival Producer.

Alba Çakalli began her career at DokuFest over a decade ago as a volunteer coordinator. Since then she has worked across different sections and has given an immense contribution to the growth of the organization. Previously, Alba has worked as a Print Traffic Coordinator and Program Assistant and has also successfully managed projects such as 'Film & Factual Media' and 'Digital Media Clubs'. She also contributed to the efforts in establishing infrastructure and strategies for developing the educational department 'DokuLab'.

At this juncture, Alba Çakalli will lead the team in preparing and executing the multi-faceted aspects of the Festival, while at the same time pursuing and overseeing new initiatives and partnerships. Together with the core team of the organization, she will continue to reinforce the role of DokuFest as a major cultural event in Kosovo and a platform that brings a voice to contemporary issues at every scale—from local and regional to national and international. 

Alba Çakalli’s appointment follows in the footsteps of the hugely successful leadership of Nita Deda— who left the organization in the beginning of this year to co-found the arts collective Andrrat Moderne.