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Searching For Eddie Running Wolf

United States
2014 — 99' / Color



Who is Eddie Running Wolf? Many asked that question along the road as the filmmakers search for the elusive Native American artist. Legend told a tale of an artist so talented that he could carve anything out of a piece of wood. Challenged by a commission from an avid art collector, Eddie is tasked with carving a life-size female nude statue from marble. Will Eddie finish his masterpiece? Or will his personal life and a dose of insanity get in the way of true greatness?

Biografia e Regjisorëve

Thomas Hartmann began the journey of making this film nearly a decade ago when he wrote a proposal for a documentary that would examine the personal life and career of one of his artistic inspirators, Eddie Running Wolf. Thomas served as director, producer, cinematographer and editor on this film that spans decades of drama, laughter, friendship and loss. He previously served as producer, editor and composer for the award winning Iraq War documentary, The Triangle of Death, winner of the Founder’s Choice Award at the 2009 GI Film Festival in Washington D.C.


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