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Jesus Town

Canada, United States
2014 — 80' / Color



For 88 years, a small Oklahoma town has pantomimed a passion play on a bizarre reproduction of Jerusalem built into the Wichita foothills. ‘Jesus Town USA’ is a light-hearted and comedic documentary chronicling the journey of a 100-strong amateur cast, a dozen horses, and very devout community. Once boasting audiences of over 200,000. the Pageant now struggles to find any audience at all. With endearing characters, quirky humor, and stunning cinematography, ‘Jesus Town USA’ documents a town grappling with questions of tradition, legacy, and what it means to be a community.

Biografia e Regjisorëve

Julian Pinder founded Deliberate Films in 2006.
Julian gained notoriety as a feature film director with his debut LAND, which premiered to sold out audiences at HotDocs, North America’s premiere documentary film festival.

Billie Mintz is an award winning filmmaker and investigative feature documentarian. He was initiated as a storyteller through his three-year apprenticeship for Incan Shaman, Raul Silas. Billie has dedicated his career to social justice, raising public awareness, and advocating for those who have no voice.


Billie Mintz

Julian Pinder


Alana Yankowitz

Tyler Measom


Julian Pinder


Genea Gaudet


Charles Bernstein

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