22 Mar, 2020

In light of the current COVID-19 situation that is unfolding across the world, DokuFest announces a daily film screening of a short film produced through our Documentary Film Production Centre, until the current situation ends.

Film Screening Day 6


Immigrant Journal / Rrëfimet e Emigrantit from DokuFest on Vimeo.

Year of Production: 2015
Length: 27 min.

When a twenty-three year old Kosovar man attempts to illegally migrate to the European Union, an Albanian filmmaker decides to follow him on his journey. On the way, the doc maker reflects on his own past and the intentions behind the film he is making.

Produced through “Human Rights Factory - Stories We Tell” a platform aimed at promoting inter-ethnic and inter-community relations in Kosovo through visual storytelling by youth of different communities and ethnicities, living in Kosovo. The program was funded by EU and managed by European Union Office in Kosovo and implemented by DokuFest.