06 Jul, 2021

In its continuing exploration of anything and everything connecting music and film, DokuFest is thrilled to present this year’s selection of films in its Sonic Experiments: Music on Film program.

7 remarkable and diverse films are part of the program, including a collaboration between two emblematic figures of music and film, namely Spike Lee and David Byrne in a film titled American Utopia, which inevitably resembles that other collaboration of Byrne and Jonathan Demme in the unforgettable Stop Making Sense concert film.

Several films from the program center at the electronic music scene and its protagonists, such as about legendary Turkish producer Ilhan Mimaroğlu and his charming wife Güngör in Mimaroğlu: The Robinson of Manhattan Island or about a number of near forgotten electronic music’s female pioneers in Sisters with Transistors, superbly narrated by legendary multimedia artist Laurie Anderson.

Portraits of musicians, such as that of a British composer Matthew Herbert in A Symphony of Noise, of Lucio Dalla, a famous Italian singer and songwriter brilliantly brought to life by inimitable Pietro Marcello in Per Lucio or the one about Reverend Vince Anderson in a film simply titled The Reverend are also part of this eclectic selection.

Program wraps up with a wonderful story of two Welsh farming brothers who turn their farm into a recording studio in Rockfield – The Studio on the Farm.