20 July, 2022

We are more than thrilled to announce the DokuNights acts to take place Aug 6 at ANDRRA Stage, featuring artists who are not only true talents, but also dance-floor experts. Get ready for ROZA TERENZI’s sublime mind dance bleeps, the spellbinding MAARA, alongside the two absolutely atemporal performers that are ADAM PITS & our very own LEART RAMA.

The opening performer of the night will be LEART RAMA, a filmmaker from Kosovo, who started showing interest in music through sound design, as he was developing his passion for storytelling. He started exploring more electronic music subgenres and through them he wants to play with emotions, states of mind and the impact the music has on us. From noise and ambient to tribe and core, Leart Rama is determined to give a storytelling through sound in every dance floor he performs. Up next will be ADAM PITS, whose tracks fall somewhere between tech-house, trance, techno, and breakbeat. They are inspired by expansive, colourful melodies and pulsating, energetic beats. However, Adam can create a wide variety of styles that are not constrained by genre or mood thanks to his keen musical sensibility. His DJ sets are a reflection of his tracks and are supported by the varied audio palettes that served as inspiration for him. The third performer will be ROZA TERENZI, whose productions are excellent for interstellar communication; they feature beautiful mind dance, and dawn-ready breaks that will undoubtedly bring together humans and other living creatures. To close the night is Montreal's MAARA, who continues to make a splash for herself in the international dance music scene. Trippy, weird and chaotic is the goal when she makes music, but she also makes sure not to be too chaotic! The Montréal artist produces techno, electro and downtempo with a tripped-out trance twist. Maara established herself firmly in the Montréal scene and, right before the pandemic, switched from producing hip-hop to dance music.