RASHEED has over 10 years of DJ experience and has proven himself over the years to be one of the more interesting performers from Balkans.

A true master of intensive rhythmic bass tracks, as well as downtempo atmospheric sounds, Rasheed is a versatile club machine for all occasions and situations.

This man doesn’t play around, he stays busy and works on his skills every single day. He is a resident at many clubs in his country, but also, he found time to play music in such countries as Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Sweden, Russia, etc.

Rasheed has been hosting shows for over ten years now. He had the chance to work with a lot of major names for the UK bass music scene and regional trap scene. He is a co-host and stage manager at Cockta Beats on Exit Festival for the last three years.

From this, it’s pretty easy to see that this man is always on the floor and on-demand.

What helps Rasheed stand out from all other DJs is his unquestionable love for the music and skill to really connect with any type of crowd. He transmits only good vibes and great energy, and thus, people love him.

As a host, Rasheed seems to understand the journey and the need for music to breathe. See him play live at our Andrra Stage, on the 8th of August, and let him make you feel what he feels for those who live, breathe and eat music!