11 July, 2022

We’re ecstatic to announce the first DokuNights acts to take place AUG 5 at ANDRRA Stage, featuring artists whose masterful craft has kept us company during the pandemic, such as the electronic icon himself, DMX KREW, followed by Berlin’s uncompromising producer, D.DAN as well as, our two local artists, pioneer of electronic music, PANDAUDIO & multi talented artist,TADI.

The opening performer is PANDAUDIO, constantly pushing the boundaries of sound, makes him a pioneer of electronic music in Kosovo. Pandaudio is devoted to resonate the experimental sound of techno that translates into intense vibrations, driving concrete dance floor bangers into sonic excursions. He’s also one of those artists, who has stayed loyal to his craft during the pandemic, releasing music in unsure times. The second act is, D.DAN, one of the most promising young DJs and Producers we have today, whose meteoric rise has been nothing short of extraordinary. Originating from South Korea and raised in England, D.Dan managed to reach top charts just before the quarantine started. Despite the general consensus that the quarantine would be a setback for artists, D.Dan continued to produce a multitude of music and has managed to maintain the status of a talent whose potential is becoming more apparent every day. This Berghain regular, has also played all across US and Europe, releasing killer EPS , like 2020’s MUTANT FUTURE and 2021’s SUMMERPUP, throughout. We'll continue with, DMX KREW, one of the pioneers and icons of electronic, house and acid music. During the year 97 he launched his famous album NU Romantix as well as the legendary hit I Can't Hide Your Love. Now we will have the chance to listen to his performance live and in complete freedom, after two years spent in social isolation, being kept company by this song, spending many sleepless nights and without much hope. To wrap up the night is TADI, one of the most promising Dj and Producers from the new generations of musicians. She immediately began to receive the attention of the international public, which, like D.Dan, even though there were major obstacles during the year 2020-2022, she continued to maintain her seriousness and motivation to move forward, in multitudes of expressions of her art.