28 Jul, 2020

The annual event of DOKU.TECH is coming online for the 19th edition DokuFest to discuss the transforming processes of rebuilding, reusing, reducing and recycling while at the same time tackling problem-solving and meeting the needs of people around the world.

Through this year’s conference, DOKU.TECH will bring together individuals and tech talents with top-tier international future makers, executives, and thinkers, to explore and challenge the social implications of technological innovations through connectivity, content, masterclasses, workshops, and openness while inspiring youngsters by sharing knowledge and experiences.

DOKUTECH is an annual conference and one of the leading tech events in the Balkans that is devoted to idea sharing, igniting discussions, interactive workshops, DIY sessions, fun-filled days and musical evenings. During the past four editions, DOKUTECH has welcomed over 7,000 attendees who came from the Balkans, Europe, and the United States.

It seems that everywhere we turn we are being warned that we are on the brink of a catastrophe. Income inequality, mass migration, pandemic, climate change, population growth, food insecurity - the list never ends. In the 20th century, countries around the world tried to industrialize their way out of these challenges. In the 21st century, they are trying to innovate their way out. Although progress is made with each generation, new challenges emerge as a check against the perfectibility of humanity.

For this edition DOKU.TECH will stream on 15th of August, 2020 LIVE on our Facebook page starting from 18:00 and will feature 2 amazing local speakers who have served as heroes to their community during the pandemic crisis.