04 Aug, 2021

A celebratory closing night of dance, rhythms and improvisations by the vibrant brass band ‘Opa Cupa’ and with their leading trumpeter and composer Cesare Dell’Anna. In collaboration with Hemingway Fan Club Albania, The Italian Cultural Institute in Tirana and Embassy of Italy in Kosovo.

Over twenty years after the first Opa Cupa cell was formed in ’98, the band represents the first Balkan project born in Salento.

Opa Cupa is the story of unique evidence, it is a story of immigration, the story of travel and departures where separation and exploration create a powerful alchemy capable of breaking down social barriers in the face of confrontation between seemingly distant and diverse ethnic groups and cultures. Opa Cupa is the South of the world from which the new ferment is born, it is the forgotten periphery on the sides from which changes are created. The explosive group led by Maestro Cesare Dell’Anna over the years has been fueled by pollution, experimentation and dynamism. The beating heart of the Opa Cupa is in fact the constant desire to experiment and get rich musically by exploring new acoustic paths without fear of overcoming gender barriers. The group shuffles the cards many times by mixing the imagination with popular expressions.

The sound of the Opa Cupa is straightforward, contemptuous of the danger of daring to change. The result is a journey that can not be told, you have to enter a world in which the rhythmic rainbow draws the path traversed by musicians; a journey endured barefoot though below the feet are the ruins of the unreconstructed suburbs of Eastern Europe, while occasionally blowing a wind from the Maghreb and sometimes the breeze of the Salento Sea.

Come and enjoy real, glove-free music that goes from gypsy to Balkan jazz on 14th August at Sonar Cinema’s open air stage.