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Nuclear Family

United States, Singapore
2021 — 95' / Color



Cinematic confrontation therapy: since Donald Trump’s election, filmmaker Travis Wilkerson has been plagued by nightmares of nuclear apocalypse. To cope with his fears, he decides to revive an old family tradition. With his wife and children, he embarks on a road trip along the missile silos of the “black heart” of the United States. His camera always in tow, he discovers a landscape into which an often much older history of destruction, war and environmental disaster has already been inscribed.

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Director Biography

Erin Wilkerson, born in 1982 in Los Angeles, USA. She studied architecture and works as an artist within the Creative Agitation political art collective, which she founded in 2009 with her husband Travis Wilkerson. Travis Wilkerson, born in 1969 in Denver, Colorado, USA. He studied film, works as a writer, director and producer, and has made a number of films since 1999. In 2009, he co-founded the Creative Agitation political art collective with his wife Erin Wilkerson.

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Erin Wilkerson

Travis Wilkerson


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Erin Wilkerson

Travis Wilkerson


Travis Wilkerson


Travis Wilkerson


Travis Wilkerson

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