International Shorts

Contrapunctus V

2022 — 17' / Color



In a world where the border between work and free time is increasingly blurred, the time when we sleep and dream may be the last area completely free of work. We are (often voluntarily) trying to change that.
Many try to sleep less (to different and sometimes extreme degrees, like those experimenting with polyphasic sleep) in order to work more, often motivated by the productivity mindset.
A correlation has been observed between lack of sleep or disruption of sleeping patterns and the onset of dementia.

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Director Biography

Kenji Ouellet is half Japanese, born in Québec, Canada and is based in Berlin. He graduated in piano performance (MA, City University of New York), in Digital Art (University for Applied Arts, Vienna) and in Experimental Media Design (Film, University of the Arts, Berlin). His work consists mostly of films/videos and performances, and has been shown and won distinctions internationally, including at the Media Forum (Moscow International Film Festival), the Zendai Museum of Modern Art (Shanghai), the Weserburg Museum of Modern Art (Bremen), Videologia (Volgograd), the Cologne Art Film Biennial, the Strange Screen Festival (Thessaloniki), Le Havre Biennial, Media Art Friesland (NL), the European Media Art Festival (Osnabrück), Videoex (Zürich) and at the Mois Multi (Québec).

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Kenji Ouellet


Kenji Ouellet


Kenji Ouellet


Kenji Ouellet


Kenji Ouellet
Gleditschstrasse 6
Berlin 10781, Germany
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(+49) 163 235 1869