Sound of My Soul

Swimming in Your Skin Again

United States
2015 — 26' / Color



Drenched in the heat, spirit and landscape of South Florida, Swimming in Your Skin Again celebrates the spiritual feminine and coming of age. Guided by female inspirations we tour the ritual anchorages of life in and around Miami: the Catholic Church, the swamp, the backyard, the water. An intensely musical film that Terence Nance collaborated on with his brother and musician Norvis Jr.

Biografia e Regjisorëve

Terence Nance is an artist born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Each of his siblings are artists: Norvis Jr. Djore, and Classi. Terence makes films, installations, performances, and music. Terence makes music under the name Terence Etc. His first feature film, An Oversimplification of Her Beauty, premiered in the New Frontier section of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.


Terence Nance


Jason F. Jeffers

Jillian Mayer

Jonathan D. Kane

Keisha R. Witherspoon

Lucas Leyva


Shawn Peters


Terence Nance


Joel C. Hernandez

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Terence Nance
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